Scrubquotes is back!


And then he RQ’s the entire r/SF round robin.


HOLY SHIT I woke up to a round 3 :lol:

I can’t even.


Not a scrubquote per se, but Im kinda tired of people incorrectly using the word scrub to describe someone of low skill instead of someone who never blames themselves for their own shortcomings. People can be good at a game and still be scrubs.



I got these from my buddy Vex


lol, played that dude once. He’s the guy that blamed me for making him drop his qcf motion.







We haven’t had some DSP quotes in awhile.


Have you watched High Score Girl? It’s an anime set in the 90s and there’s a big focus on arcade culture. There’s some occasional scrubby on display. This clip here as the main character get shitted on by arcade crowd and later assaulted by the cute rich girl for turtling her with Guile and using tick throws which was considered “cheating”


But it’s not quotes from real people we can laugh/facepalm at though.


Meanwhile at UNIST steam forums



Picking top tiers means you have no integrity.

Cheap will get you no respect.

In reply to this.


The tears are delicious

Since when was it normal to punish someone for NOT participating when they CHOOSE to?

The opponent going in is well aware the other person they’re against has free will, and can leave at any time.

All this means is that you have to sit through players whose only goal is to try and anger their opponent through whatever means.

If someone is playing in a way that makes the game unfun, i should be free to leave. This is the only way to punish people like this. Don’t force me to sit there with some loser who is butthurt i’m caning them, teabagging in a corner full of salt.

Why should i play with people like that? Why should i play with salt lords who take the game so seriously that they actually teabag?

I want to play with people who play in a more respectful manner; i don’t want to play with little ragers who can’t handle losing at games. I should be free to DC the moment the bag drops.

Also… Can i just ask… When did we start taking games so seriously that we actually punish people for quitting them?? How embarrassing. IT IS A GAME; NOT SERIOUS. People should be able to leave.



I’m crying.