Scrubquotes is back!

Let me just stop talking about that before I get owned some more.

Scrubs shouldn’t even try to think of rebalancing games.

  1. That post was large. Too large. Holy shit. O_O

  2. Some of the questions in that thread are WTF-worthy. Why are the aasking if the game will outsell Super Meat Boy? O_o

I hate the fact that he’s ruining the thread with those kinds of questions, especially since I’ve used the thread previously for actual useful stuff, like a list of graphical glitches the 3S board on SRK has discovered that Sven promised to send to Goryus (producer Derek Neal).

Yeah, I know what you mean. So much wasted space, all over nothing. Dude should just learn to rom hack. >_>

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH LORD THAT IS THE MOST AMAZING POST I’VE SEEN. Can’t believe I’ve been missing this thread, I’ll make an account at unity now and join the fun.


Edit2: Ken - 1150 - Medium
Story - Ken grows his long hair back to Alpha era length. Cause he realized short hair is for **** and long hair is badass thanks to Alex.

Guess he didn’t like you not agreeing with him LOL: - ^^^ Thank **you **(to Sven) for answering my questions, after all since this is ASK CAPCOM. Not Ask Mods.

Ok I got stop wasting my time reading this.

No you should be running around blindly like a giant target where everyone can see you, just like in real combat! :wink:

Holy crap, that actually hurt my brain, not just the content, but have they not heard of punctuation? I can’t even fathom what they were saying to even remotely be anything close to a good idea, in summary:

lol, a wild scrub has appeared!

Careful. I heard ignorance is a powerful attack.

Enough to make you…


White out.

Except those quotes from you that were posted were pretty scrubby. Fuckin’ complaining about mid tier characters. FML!

I think I’m gonna scrub-quote myself again. I said that there was no zoning in Marvel. My mistake. >_>

I wasn’t complaining about mid tier characters. I was just saying most people don’t understand how to tackle blanka.

Infact, I even said, “If more people knew blanka’s setups, they’d realize how much easier it is to handle him.”

My God, the stupidity is stupendously, stuperific. It’s like a head up an ass up a head.


LOL…MvC2 is built on the very foundation of zoning. MvC3 in Japan, I believe, ably combines zoning with rushdown as well. Dormammu pretty much makes the argument for zoning in 3.

In return, here’s a thread from the Cammy subforum… and I believe I did a scrubquote of my own, by vouching for MK9’s balance.

The “drills/hooligans are cheap” quips crack me up, as well.

Mine was worse than yours. :rofl:

And wow @ Hooligans being “safe”, lol.

So are you a Blanka player? Or is your signature a complaint about Blanka? Lol

From Unity:

These guys got what they wanted. Now to watch as my main gets nerfed again. >_>

-_-…anywayyyys keep the scrubqoutes coming guys

Obvious troll but I think it’s funny.

Abel- I actually think Abel is pretty good except for the fact that you guys made the hit box on the crouching fierce smaller making it harder to anti-air. Now what the hell is up with that, did you guys not nerf him enough on Command grab damage, the roll being more hit vulnerable, U1 and U2 nerfed? I completely agree with U2 nerf but why 1? All and all why crouching fierce? Only skilled Abel players can land an anti-air and combo it somehow. I think for Abel give him vanilla crouching fierce. And for gods sake, make his Falling Sky work better as an anti-air…
Ryu- I would say bring back his crouching medium kick but then he would be scary again… so id say hes fine.
Ibuki- NERF THE BITCH! She should get damage scaled after 2 hits because if she gets at least one poke in, it turns into a 12 hit combo with great damage and mix-up capability. If shes going to be that good, damage scale her moves at the very least.
Seth- His damn dive kick should be nerfed in some way.
Akuma- U1 damage nerf, hes good enough without U1.
Dan- He should have less active frames on his hop kicks.
Oni- Fix air ultra 1! It shoots too far and he can easily be knocked out of it in the air.
TWINS- I dont need to say it but will, NERF THE MIDGETS NERF THEM BAD!!! I doubt they will leave them alone because people will riot but my suggestions are, if your going to give them god like moves make both of their health at least 700. If all they need is 5 combos to stun and kill a person then make them weak as hell. I wont go into detail about moves because others are pretty in depth with that but my input would be, give them vanilla seth health.
C. Viper- Her thunder knuckle needs to have more recovery frames on block, regardless if its light,medium,or fierce punch.
M.Bison(Dictator)- PLEASE PLEASE GIVE HIM NERFS!!! Honestly it seems like he doesnt have any bad match-ups in the game. I mean I know hes the big bad evil guy in the game but come on… At the very least, make his crouching light kick not as good, that alone will shut down alot of mashing players out there who just want a poke into scissor kick.
Chun-li - Should not be able to link a fierce punch to super, other then that I think shes fine.
Sagat- Do something about that roundhouse. If you want to be nice, make his fireballs have more recovery =]
Cody- Do something about that EX-BINGO!!! Other then that hes fine.
Zangief- WTF were you thinking giving him a half screen range on his Light SPD???
Fei Long- At least nerf his damage, PLEASE nerf his damage!! Also his rekka shouldnt recover so fast -_________-
Rose- Last but not least, Rose needs NERFS!!! Nerf her slide and nerf the chip damage from her fireballs and nerf her backdash.

Actually, it has a “Deal with it” .gif under the text, but apparently our sigs cant be the big to show it.

Been meaning to change it, but ah well.

I see your sense of humor is as bad as your sense of need to down others.

Lol, fightinggamecommunities.

It’s like provoking a herd of lambs.