Scrubquotes is back!

More dumb SRK on Daigo losing while using Yun.

Too many dickriders hurt.

Daigo lost, so what, Daigo loses. He’s human to you know. Heck, I remember Ryan Hart used to blow him up when he was in Japan, and I’m sure other Japanese players can body him as well.

At the same time, WTF is wrong with tier whoring? This is a fighting game, you’re supposed to play to win.

Speaking of, what’s Unity’s reaction of Daigo losing? Did they move on from Yun to complain about Fei, C. Viper and Seth yet?

Surprisingly not much drama.

Except for a bit of Poongko hate.

I don’t understand this at all. People really will just bitch over absolutely anything just to get their voices and dumb opinons heard. So, they say Daigo using Ryu was ok and he wasn’t top tier, but now he’s a bitch because he went with Yun? er, what? So the fact that by their own admition, he was working hard to win with Ryu wasn’t enough to pay his dues? Are top players not allowed to change to a character that interests them? You know what, fuck Daigo for not using the character I want him to, what a dick!

lmao, those post on kotaku are full of “win”

what article?

this makes me wonder what would they say to the videos of Inoue perfecting daigo on vanilla sf4 (a bison vs ryu match)

the funny thing is that Daigo uses strong chars on the game he plays :coffee:, is just that now that is not a shoto that people whine about it

The one announcing Fuudo as the winner.

Wow. I am no SF expert, but after reading that list of desired balance changes by that knowledgeable patron from eventhubs, this was my only reaction.


Nerf chip damage on rose’s fireballs. LMFAO

Didn’t hang around the SF4 section back in SSF4 days (except lurking Dan’s subforum) so I’ll just assume that his “fact” is incorrect.

This dude wanted help figuring out a main

Fuudo beat him just as soundly before the legend marathon. The download was already complete.


and the response…

lol “this vincent guy”. these new kids, I swear.

comparing mvc3 to “old cheap games” like ST and 3S is pretty funny. it’s far more of an mvc1, alpha 1, svc chaos kind of game

If you guys want fodder go to the SF4 reddit or any of the main gaming reddit posts about evo. Good lord.

Latif relied too much on being random. He kept using wake-up attacks, which fuudo simply punished after he caught on. He made un-safe jump-ins, punised by fei’s DP. There was the occasional round where he’d take control, but then when he got knocked down, he relied on old tactics Fuudo caught on to already. Latif was mentally destroyed when facing Fuudo becuase he simply couldn’t adapt accordingly.

The amount of people trying to shit on Fuudo, Latif, Daigo, Poongko, and Viscant is simply disgusting. None of these players deserve this, all of them played to the best of their abilities. Jealousy is idiotic. >_>