Scrubs playing in the Arcade: Yay or nay?

So I was chillen at super again(local japanese arcade), playing some pool, noticed 3 scrubs playing on the cabinent, they looked fairly good, not great but looked like they needed a whooping, so i put my token down and watch the play.

Then I play the guy that won, not a slaughter, actually faired decently, but promptly after i win he gets up and they all walk away:rolleyes::rolleyes:.

What’s SRK’s opinion of scrubs/noobs playing the arcade?

I think they need to do their practice time at home, and bring the real shit to the arcade:annoy:

They feed the arcade money.


This just reminds me of GTO where Murai keeps losing to Onizuka in what I believe was supposed to be Tekken.

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. What better place to make a name for yourself than in the heat of a crowded arcade? (Or in this day and age, an arcade with some people who know what they’re doing)

99% of the time, if they’re a scrub, then they are most likely banging the shit out of the sticks and buttons so I want them to gtfo. Otherwise if they ain’t spazzing all over that shit then it’s cool I guess.

true, but i mean it was xvsf, it’s on PC for crying out loud…

i mean pretty much every fighting game is on console or can be had on PC, arcades are where you bring your skills, but i guess it is a starting point for a lot of people.

It’s always nice to have comp, but this is topic is really for FGD.

^aight thanks


And if the loser pays the next game or more then they also feed your money at once

This is kinda my logic. You beat the scrub, but don’t make it a slaughter, scrub thinks “Oh, maybe I can beat him” he plays again, this time you just beast on him, scrub thinks “Oh man, I wanna beat this guy” so he goes home, plays the game goes back to the arcade and whoops someone else’s ass, and it’s a chain. Of course it doesn’t always work, but I like to think it works.

Not everybody has the game at home, or knows someone who does. Hard to believe, eh?

If noobs practiced all the time at home, then they wouldn’t know where they stood, would they? In fact, I’d go so far as to say that arcade noobs stand a better chance of being able to play than those who can only practice at home, because getting repeatedly beaten on helps them improve their game.

Unless they’re scrubs, in which case, fuck 'em.

Uh, what? This kind of mentality is one of the factors of arcades dying in the US.

It’s thinking like this that helped kill arcades in the US.

Some times it seems like there should be a machine for comp and for playing. Come on guys, not everyone is a hardcore fgamer. Maybe the three of them were just chillin at the game and don’t are interested in frames, evo or something. It would be really awesome to find people that love the game as much as yourself. (believe me, i live in a city where there’s like 4 good players that plays constantly trying to improve and study the game).

Actually we’re passing through a similar experience here. There’s this local arcade that only had like really old and shitty games and we kept demanding new games for like 4 years and just now they got MvC2 so now we’re faced with the challenge of getting new players. But it’s complicated. I believed that if you play easy and teach the game to the new players, they’ll get the hang of it, but i’ve already noticed that 1 out of 100 people wants to learn, so its not that bad if you just rape the new players cause most of them just want to play, so the ones who really want to learn will be impressed by the raping and will start asking questions, that’s when i think you stop the infinite-guardbreak-lockdown madness and start teaching things in steps.

That’s nowhere a cientific exact thing on how to get new players but i’m kinda confused right now on how doing that and how to deal with noobs on arcades, i believe that only one thing is like certain: You can win, you can rape them, BUT, you must set your game play in a way that they can move around with the characters in the game space, actually see the game, this means in mvc2 to avoid sent-commando locking some one on the corner, or cable sent that dont let a person who know how to super jump get the hell out of there. Do three or four loops of one infinite, do some dhcs, do some lockdown, but let them call assists, perform specials and move around the screem and eventually they’ll think : Hey, i wanna play this shit. hehe

I would like some discuss on that topic, this post can be on how to deal with scrubs/noobs in arcades and how to make them new players, maybe its an utopia but hey, there must be someway, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here aheuehe

What he said.

Arcades aren’t the financial boom they used to be. I’m all for scrubs loading out the dollars if it means my local stays in business.

[edit] And yes, we all had to start somewhere. Nobody here was born with the knowledge of how to play fighting games. Even the world’s top elite had to start at the bottom.

i don’t see where the big the fuss is. scrubs can choose if they want to play or not.

Geezus… our minds must be linked hahaha. I didn’t even see that post until after mine lol

If scrubs are defined as weak players, then having those “scrubs go home” means that slightly stronger arcade players become the resident scrubs.

Following this impeccable logic, everyone should eventually go home except the best player in the world at that given game, since everyone else will eventually be the weakest player there.

Great idea.

If people are playing the game, they should be allowed in the arcade. It keeps the quarters flowing, and we all know arcades need that.

Unfortunately at my local arcade, there are a bunch of punk ass goth fags who don’t play any games but loiter all day. It’s annoying as fuck.