Scrubs that use Akuma

Yeah, you know the type. The braindead kind of player that just turtles (the fuck?) and throws airballs. The type that plays keep away and uses Sweeps and random Hurricane kicks when you close in. The type that defines the definition of scrub and gives the rest of us Gouki players a bad name even though we try to play properly.

The problem is you lose to them every once in awhile.

I guy I play at college ussually picks Akuma against me, commonly in tandem with Ken and Ryu (team shoto) or Guile and Cyclops. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but damn he pisses me off by playing one of my point characters with such a lame ass strategy.

Now how the fuck do we get around this?

By not falling for such scrubby tactics. They bound to make a mistake one way or another and that is where you punish them. In Akuma’s case, it can be very costly. Constant abuse of fireballs and temzas at a distance will play right into the hands of a beamer or somebody who can air dash over. In that thought, luring the player in is only an aspect towards what you should be already expecting when facing newbie akuma’s (a sweep, hurricane juggle, etc) but since this is to what can already be expected then it shouldn’t be huge problem countering the strats of a newb akuma.

It not so much I don’t know what he’s going to do, but that since he has basically no strategy, he can mash the buttons faster than I can. :bluu:

What you’re saying is go for a more counter-intuitive strategy, which works of course, my thing is I want to be offensive and tear his ass apart before he even gets that far.

Learn your priority moves (moreso angles). I have a friend who doesn’t really play Marvel and it shows when he just throws his assists out as he jumps forward with an attack. Granted, there are times when a scrub (aka, uncontrolled, mash) strat will wipe out someone who does know the combos, but aren’t comfortable with their defense…either that or they have bad timing on when to do something. This is the perfect player to test your priority moves out on…learn how to stuff their attack early enough to prevent their assist from attacking if you can (e.g., Magneto’s ad df lk/fk when executed quickly enough). Also, you can move in a way that makes it tough for them to actually get a good hit on you. Most ‘scrub’ players don’t have very dynamic movements…the offensive types will tend to pretty much dash forward w/o the thought of blocking or just continually jump at you; the defensive type will tend to super jump a lot and expose themselves to cross-ups on the way down. It’s not hard to see where the holes are.

Hey it’s Marvel. Everyone mashes anyway, so…rarely anyone likes to block in this game. I always find it funny how players will generally just try to constantly ‘beat’ you out. At times, it works.

This is a pretty lame thread, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t know. I hear the community talking about how this character is only worth it for the scrubs. If not for the advice on how to shut out these worthless ‘players’ than at least show there are people that take using this character seriously.

BTW, get over to the rushdown thread you created in the general strategy section. Its your own thread; why you aren’t contributing to discussion is beyond me.

I don’t agree that Akuma is for the scrubs. I don’t see Akuma taking a top 8 team at EVO however unless he happens to be the 3rd character coupled with a nasty point Mag/Storm or Sent. lol :slight_smile: MvC2 is about speed and mix-ups. When the truly experienced Mag/Storm/Sent users get real, it gets nasty. He gets his wins though.

Hmmm…the rush-down thread is interesting. I have some stuff to contribute to it, but it revolves more around speed and the ability to tack in a quick (near instant) overhead now than ever. Right now I’m trying to improve my KOF XI game, so the next thing I’ll be adding to the Marvel stuff here is a Combo Encyc addition for ? I’ve recently realized what my strength is and am going through a process where I’m updating my team roster for multiple games and practicing new strats and 100% (if possible).

Of course, he’s not for scrubs. Rather a strong argument could be made he’s far more difficult to play than the other shotos and much of the cast. He’s a character that has dangerous tools at his disposal but requires a good player who knows zoning and a solid offensive strategy. His defense leaves small margin for error.

But many people just see him as that “Ryu with air fireballs”, you can tell what the scrubs think that when they pick him. They don’t want to win, they don’t want to play the character correctly, they think they can spam. And I hate that - when I, as a player take practice and improvement in this character seriously, only to be beaten once or twice because this guy likes turtling and mashing buttons faster. That won’t be tolerated in any fighting game I put effort into, not even a broken title like MvC2. Now do you see this thread’s purpose?


Man, I love your username because it reminds me of “NecRomancer” by Gnarls Barkley, which uses the same pun to refer to someone who romances the dead and a magician who deals with the dead at the same time. Just throwing that out there.

id suggest running commando aa assist

Hmm, I don’t like to use the “popular” assists or characters like Commando or Tron. It makes me feel like less of a player. Besides, I don’t want to play Commando on point, I just don’t like the character.

I see your point, though. I should use my Morrigan AAA more.

no seriously dude, Beams, those will beat his air fireballs, and you can punish any random moves with whatever beamish moves there are

scrubs will be beaten by scrub tactics, I don’t need to play Marvel to know this

you simply don’t play scrubs like you would good players, they aren’t suceptible to the same mind games etc.

seriously, put War Machine or whoever has a beam as your front man, get on the other side of the screen and beam the shit out of him, either he’s going to die slowly or he’s going to stop turtling and come at, in which case bust out those combos and traps I know you know

seriously, you’re overthinking it, this a scrub we’re talking about, not a competent player you should take seriously, you don’t need to use your best stuff, why the fuck should you go to for an infinite on somebody who will lose to fucking beam spam?

^^^i personally practice rush down and mixups on “scrubs”. and infinite for practice on resets

what is the team you use?
and what are more specifc problems your having?

No, really its okay. I don’t have as much as a problem as I had before. I don’t take it seriously, just my thing was that, hey, why am I having any trouble with a guy who doesn’t put in the time and practice like I do. It was infuriating and a little insulting; made me doubt my practice and myself as a player. After all, to be defeated by random moves and spamming, what kind of player am I?

The most interesting comment in your post was: you simply don’t play scrubs like you would good players, they aren’t susceptible to the same mind games etc.

I learned this in fighting games a long time ago and I’d forgotten; thanks for reminding me. I can’t think on a strategic level like I would when I play Dark Horse, I have to play like I’m cleaning house. I was looking into it too much; thanks. I’ll teach those scrubs that Gouki is mine; there can only be one. :badboy:

As far as team chemistry, Judge and I were discussing some things in the “MvC2: Akuma - General Strategy and Basics” thread : and I listed my team and tactics. As far as scrubs go, I don’t need to go into it, but your comments are welcome on my other, advanced opponent who uses a mean Jill, Tron and Sakura.

So do we have an update yet on how you’re doing vs this Akuma scrub? :wgrin: Did you beat him yet?

(chuckles) You’ll be pleased to know I fought against both Akuma scrubs today, in fact. For the most part I used my main team of Ruby, Akuma and Morrigan. I purposely DHCed into Akuma to test whose Akuma was superior. Matches:

Against Scrub #1 : Me: 10, Scrub 1 (Ironically, his only victory consisted of Cyclops, Ryu and Guile and was a time over)

Scrub #2: Me: 7, Scrub 2: 0

I think its safe to say I’ve conquered the Akuma scrubs with Rape-like results. :razz:

Makes you wonder what’s going on when the screen goes dark during the raging demon…

lol Tech. Don’t be a bad sport. You may quickly find yourself w/o anyone to play in your local area. o_o

What are you talking about…the latinos never want to quit…

A week or a so ago this one guy talked shit, saying how he intended to whoop me. Score was like, 13 to nothing and he was still talking about how he was going fuck my brains out. :mad:

Aye, we talk shit even when we are down. I guess that’s the latino way. Good job on beating scrub ass!

What I want to know is, has anyone else had this problem, or a similar problem with scrubs that use characters in this manner. Off the top of my head, I know at least 3 or 4 people who pick Iron man and whore uni-beam and Proton Cannon all day. Although that makes no sense; they’re asking to be jumped over and combed from behind. :wink: