Scrubs that use Akuma

Not this game, but once in 3S a real big scrub in 3S using SA2 Ken beat me bad. I realized later that I was trying to go for mixups that you only land on good players. The dude didn’t even know how to combo and still got me. Like I tried to dash in command grab and never threw out random supers, but this dude love to throw out random sweeps and got me a few times.

I learned a lesson in that: Never respect your opponent unless he makes you. I don’t mean bad sportsmanship. As in, I start out with cheap basics and won’t do any advanced mixups unless they prove that they won’t let that fly. Like I’ll spam Zangief Down + Fierce body splash over and over again, and tick into SPDs. Its annoying, its scrubby, but it does damage and scrubs don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t do anything else if I can get away with it. He’s gotta prove that he’s better than body slam before I do anything else.

If you ever read Sirlin’s Art of War articles, I think that’s a better way to put it. In tournaments, do something cheap that takes no energy to do, save your best stuff for the good players. Don’t “respect” your opponent unless he makes you.

Speaking of which, I was challenged by one of my scrubby friends today. He actually had the cheek to pick Akuma again after what happened the other day. End result was 6 - 0, all completes. They’ll learn one of these days - there can only be one.

Well, Person-Man has hit the nail in the head.

In the end if you know how to block, tech grab and punish easily,no scrub can defeat you. Seriously.

That’s very true. When I think about it, I realize that I wasn’t thinking that clearly the times I was defeated by the scrubs. I kept trying to bullrush the guy, knowing if I could get in close, I could combo. I neglected blocking and punishing attempts as I was blinded by anger. I forgot to pay attention. I was too confident in the fact that I had practiced that I forgot to apply basics. I must never forget such things.

use spiral or sent or cable (in other words, trapping teams)

those are the biggest scrub killer characters. no up-close encounters required.

lol yeah scrubs don’t know how to fight strider/doom. sometimes when im just chillin at school playin marvel some guy comes up and is like “hey can i play? i used to be really good” and who knows he COULD be good, so i go with my best, team clockw0rk. What ALWAYS ensues is some scrub freaking out that he can’t get outta the corner cause he doesn’t push block etc.

And also for Akuma, just fucking touch him and he’s out. You don’t use tourney calibur players so i guess its different. Good you got over all this Akuma stupid shit, but seroiusly Commando would obliterate those puny fireballs Akuma throws.

One time I was at an arcade and some guy had Akuma on his team, I was playing Santhrax. I was messing up his point character, and he tagged… TAGGEd Akuma in on me at 100%. Needless to say, i just popped him up, LA xx Lightning storm, sentinel DHC, pop up rocket punch. Akuma died instantly and the guy was pissed lol.

So, how was the player? Was he obviously a scrub or does he try to play Akuma with some strategy and skill like me and judge?

I mean, that was obviously a stupid decision, tagging in Akuma without protection; should have used a tag counter or DHC. Much safer.

the guy was some random guy and pretty terrible. Didn’t know anything about the competitive scene like DHC > tagging. atleast from what i could see.

you can always tell a scrub when you see them mash assist like its a life line out of a trap.

Team clock is pretty harsh against a scrub you should almost feel bad. But like you said he did say he used to be good so he kinda had it comin