SCU Street fighter thread


**Time and Place: **PM one of us for address. But um we are located near Santa Clara University.

**Time: **Monday 6 pm-Whenever

Facebook group:

Setups: We have two setups, one 360, and oneps3 setups. The games avaliable are SSF4 and MVC3. we do not have AE for the 360 so the ps3 can be used for AE. I also have a PC with AE we can use if there are alota people. Also feel free to bring any other game and feel free to bring setups as well.

Also if you want we can play some matches over psn. Our ids are: Plasma-Snake89 and mine is cheesedoodles408. My gamertag is VieledHickory8.

Also this is a BYOC thing. I am sorry but we do not have enough arcade sticks for everybody. Also feel free to bring a setup or any other game if you like. Well hope to see people here. And feel free to bring other people just let me know beforehand

Great! I’m more casual with the current crop of games, but I’m thinking of getting serious once UMVC3 and KOF13 come out. Maybe Friday nights aren’t ideal since that’s the day most people will be busiest?

Hi, I’m the other guy. As far as a day change goes, you weren’t too specific with what you had in mind but I think we can also do these on Thursdays. Any other feedback is helpful.

Oh hey. Yeah I wasn’t thinking anything too specific, but I think I might be busy Fridays in the future so I just thought I’d throw out there that Fridays might not work out. Thursdays are good though.

Are you guys considering getting into KOF13?

if its fun sure. I havent played any of the king of fighters game before but im more than willing to give it a try. We definitely will have UMVC3.

Don’t think it was specified in the top post but while we’re still looking at Thursdays and/or Fridays, we won’t start hosting until next week. So tomorrow is not our first session.

Alright. Sounds good to me.

ill be the 360 ae Gouken with own controller of course and own setup

Um sure ill pm you details monday. An extra setup would be nice as well

Dude thats great, I have virtually no matchup experience against gouken so we should all learn a lot from you. I’m really looking forward to those matches. As far as things we need, extra setups are always nice but our biggest problem is the number of sticks we have. Currently we have something like three or four sticks total which may not be enough to outfit all the setups running. It’d be great for people to bring more of those since I’m sure most of you have at least one. But by all means, if you are willing to bring something more that is always good.

oh no i wish. i meant id bring my box if needed.

sure you can bring the box. Anything is fine to be honest. I have a free monitor we can hook it up to that.

I’m down to go to these sessions after next week. I play AE, MvC3 and 3S. Hit me up.

awesome. Also which do you prefer AE or MVC3. We have an uneven number of setups so if people prefer one we will have more of one than the other

I have 3 friends who are interested in going. Though I got work on Friday, I get off at 8 so I can swing by for a good hour or so. Other than that, my friends should be free all day so they can stop by earlier.

We also got 3 TE sticks. One for PS3, one for 360, and one that’s dual-modded.

sounds good ill send you a pm with more info

Hey Guys we are having our first session tomorrow at SCU. if you wanna come just send us a message or post in here we can get back to you.

nice meeting and playing with some of you last night. ggs and see you tomorrow

GGs fellas.

GGs to everyone also.