Scud: The Disposable Assassin

Anyone know Scud? My roommate’s favorite character, so I drew this for him for Christmas. Starting to feel a little bit more comfortable inking with a brush, but still got a ways to go. Any comments and criticisms are welcome and appreciated.

That looks just like Rob Schrab’s work, good jarb.

Pretty sweet. I like the action flow and the linework. Looks way different from the your usual stuff. Good piece man.

I always was partial to Scud. Liking the boxes, speed, and composition. n1.

Thanks guys, glad you like it.

Yeah, I guess this does look a bit different from my usual stuff. Heh, but as you may have noticed from my post with my sequentials, I haven’t really settled on a really distinct style yet. I’m a little on the spastic side. :stuck_out_tongue:

How could I have missed this. I have every issue. That’s hawt, and yes, it looks like Rob’s work.


Wow, that looks just like the official art I’ve seen. Great job chainwhore, keep at it my friend. :smiley: