SCV Hori Arcade Stick stopped working


I’ve had my PS3 SCV stick since the end of last summer now. It has worked pretty well for the most part. However, I tried to use it today and it does not work at all. The last time I tried to use it, it seemed like the usb cable had a short in it (in the sense that I had to move the cable a bit for the PS3 to recognize it. No, I did not wrap the cable around the stick or anything like that. Nor can I find any obvious damage on the cable itself. I don’t know if it is something more serious, but I’m thinking it’s probably the USB Cable.

So I tried to open it up to have a look at things for myself (keep in mind that I am a complete newbie with the inner workings of a stick). I looked at where I think the USB cable is connected under what I think is the PCB (the board under the PS3 icon, select button, r3/l3, and turbo stuff). But there is this additional layer of plastic also covering most of the stick to the point where I can’t really get a good look at everything. Plus, I can’t really get a good look at what is exactly connected to the PCB (I can faintly see that there are colored wires connected to it, but the most visible stuff is just two sets of a mess of white wires glued onto it it).

I really don’t have the money to drop on another arcade stick at the moment, nor do I have a good repair person in my area. Given the money I spent for this, I might as well try to replace the USB Cable. The problem with that is that I have absolutely 0 experience in soldering, and I don’t even know what to look for in doing something like that. Does anyone here have any advice, especially people who have fumbled with this stick before?


Well there are solderless solutions including terminal strips and butt crimp connectors.


I spent the past few hours doing the solderless route by using terminal strips, but it still isn’t working no matter how far up on the original connection I go. I’m sure I’m using the wire stripper at appropriate lengths and putting the wires into the strip correctly. Went with a European strip too. Outside of going full on with soldering, I’m almost out of ideas at this point.


Do you have a multi-meter?


No, I’m fresh out of those.


Okay, after some reading and looking around, I think the entire USB cable might be dead. The problem is that after removing the old wires from the harness, it seems like the usb cable that came with the stick has some really small quick disconnect terminals on it (that allows it to be shoved back into the wire harness). No store around me sells terminals anywhere near that small in size and I can’t shove the new usb cable wires into the harness. I saw from the popular video guide on this that you can just solder the wires on the back, the board that all of this is connected to is too tightly screwed in for my equipment alone. It seems like even the .110 quick disconnectors (that seem to go into the other buttons) would be way too big for the wire harness. I think I’m almost at my wits’ end here.