SCV, northridge, simi, palmdale -SSF4AE sfxt


looking for local players in santa clarita, palmdale, simi valley, northridge to train online or in person. play on - hard to find people in these areas, if someone is down to make a trip to Family fun arcade let me know!

PSN GT: InterimAE


I’m in Santa Clarita. Don’t know many that play and I don’t know any that play in person. I’m looking for SFxT and UMVC3 players. I’m not very good so I am looking for others to practice and play with. Weekends are best, evenings are cool too.

XBL Gamertag: Ragin Fox


I believe that I’m the best player in the LA area, and I’m willing to meet for Skullgirls. Contact me.


hey man their is a tournament in palmdale on saturday ssf4 AE and sfxt? you interested?


thats great man- i am not the best but i like to play. were in LA- i live in santa clarita…


Was already committed to something already. Sorry to have missed it. I hope it went well. I would like to try something later on.


No worries- i dint go either. man no one in SCV must play fighting games. you play on fightstick or on pad?


Another event on the 28 this Saturday, umvc3/sfxt! Palmdale ca,hope u guys can can make it out


Come out everyone



If anyone in the Santa Clarita area wants to play UMVC3 or SSF4, you can add Shazam1205 on xbox live. I might be down to play some Street Fighter X Tekken, but I’m kind of dropping that game. Hit me up, I have like no one to play with.


I’m in the SCV and I’m def looking for ppl to play umvc3 and ssf4 with! Mostly ssf4! But there are a couple players that go by tronzilla and royal flush that live in the scv and i train with them in marvel regularly! But I’d def be down to play both games!