SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online and Stream!

Hey, SRK! Good to be here on the forums finally. Name is MakoKenova. I know SRK is all about fighting games, and I do my fair share myself with SFxT and UMvC3 (and get bodied on a regular basis), but I wanted to see what you guys would think about SDGO, or SD Gundam Online. For a Gundam fan, it’s freakin fantastic, and anyone that is familiar with Gundam Extreme VS may like this stuff. If you haven’t seen a lick of it, why not check out my channel tonight on twitch? I regularly stream SDGO between either 6 or 8 PM MDT.

And for anyone checking out my profile, yeah, I know it’s my first post and may seem fishy. Trust me, I wanna get ready for EVO and am probably going to be going over the SFxT boards right after this. But for anyone wanting to see some Gundam action tonight, give it a look see!