Anybody from SD walk into a GS or GC and pick one up off the shelf?
Seems like everyone is from LA or around it. I have yet to see any SD talk about TEs?

IDK, my BFF Jill?

um ok


and the hits jus keep on rollin…

What he’s trying to to say is the OP may have used a tad too many abbreviations in his post. Confused the shit out of me.

i guess you gotta be from san diego or so cal to understand the post.

SD = San Diego
TE = Tournament Edition
LA = Los Angeles
GS = Game Stop
GC = Game Crazy

but u werent serious were u?

i dont know what some of u kids would do if it werent for 09 members…

They do seem to be the most helpful at times. Maybe that’s why some of the older members hate them, we’re just too nice.

I hope you typed that from your phone.

OMG hilarious… im sad I know what commercial this is from

GL in SD u crz Dood

I am from SD but living in NorCal at the moment… a friend lives in SD though and said he saw some SEs in the Frys off the 15 the other day… you should just get that and add sanwa parts… i think the TEs are gonna be hard to come by.

The TE was 170 on amazon the other day but its back up to 239 now.

They seem to come to stores in only 1 or 2 at a time so in the words of smash TV, “good luck… Youuuuuu’ll need it”

I thought the SAME fucking thing.
Bravo, mang.