SDCC, Hands up!

So I am leaving in about 12 hrs. Wondering who at SRK is coming?

UDON’s Booth number is 5556. We are kinda stuck at the back wall with Capcom. To make things easier for people to locate us, we made a big 8 ft X 8 ft banner and have it hung 20 ft above our booth! You will see the big UDON logo and the power foil images of Chun Li from SF 1 and Jasara from Exalted #1.

Let’s do a ‘body count’ so I will keep an eye out on who is who!


I’ll be there, as you already know.

So uh…1 so far.

If you are there next year I will be there. Can’t make it this year.

I’ll be there friday and saturday, crappy photo of me in my Avatar from SDCC last year. Put aside one of those Akuma Busts for me, and rig the raffle ; )

I’ll see you at the panel on saturday for sure, bugging you guys about whats going to happen in the next Street Fighter Arc, and wondering whatever happened to the Rival Schools from the preview last year!

Man, I wish I could go… there’s some art I’d love to grab there.

Wish I’d seen this post sooner, before trying to get ahold of you, though. Anyway, wanted to let you know I’ve promoted your stuff at The Mega Man Network, and over at Penny Arcade’s forums.

Hope it goes well. :slight_smile:

LBD “Nytetrayn”

quick question, did you guys release a bison lithograph of sf #3 like you did with vega, rose, akuma, and chun?

If I lived anywhere in America, I’d be there. I plan ahead for every comic con in Australia to make sure I can go, but travelling overseas is just too expensive, even though I’d love to meet the guys who put together my favourite comics. Can someone who’s going take some photos of the booth, and any cool Street Fighter cosplayers? I’d love to see how much fun you guys get up to.

The last comic con I went to, I only found the first trade paperback at the con, and a few Sota figures. No one else had any idea there was a Street Fighter comic, but Cammy, Ryu and Chun-Li made sure they all know about it now!

I hope you get your Exalted comic recognised too, good luck with everything at the con, and have fun everyone!


waves at Erik I’m already in San Diego. See you Wednesday! :bgrin:

And while your at it come to New Zealand! Udon World Tour mode!!! :wink:


Don’t forget the UK!!!


I’ll be there. My name’s Victor. I’ll swing by for sure!

But does it spin? :rofl:

I’ll be there with $$$ !!!

ill be there, with some friends