SDCC News Thread

Thought I’d make this one thread to help those wondering what got announced at SDCC.
Yes I’m linking through IGN, but that’s cuz it’s the site I found the info from :V Feel free to discuss them here if you want.
OK here we go
1- Loeb to ‘write’ a new Cable series-

2- The return of the Scarlet Spider?

3- JMS to FINALLY get back to writing The Twelve-

…and no Hell’s frozen over dozens of times now.

4- Villains for hire featurin STILTMAN-

5- Rebooting the Spiderman movie franchise-

6- Brian K. Vaughn returns with a new series for Image-

7- Marvel to release books detailing the early adventures of superheroes-

My main gripe with this is that I don’t know many of those writers =/ Art looks sweet though

8- Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men-

9- Published Marvel comics will also be on digital download on the same day-

10- The end of Morrison’s Batman Saga?

Hope you don’t mind me making a thread for this Sano. Sure we can talk about them in DC and Marvel threads but I think this way most readers will get the news quicker.

It belongs in the Convention Thread really but I don’t think I currently have the option to merge threads with this new upgrade right now. Best I can do is copy and paste the same info there. Sorry for the changed title, that was a result of a failed merge. Anyway thanks a lot for all of the info.

Actually thanks for changing the title =) I felt one part was spoilerish XD