SDCC Udon Sketches

Post your sketches here!

This one’s from Arn.
I opted not to get a Capcom character, and I’ve always wanted to see what it would look like if Udon did a Guilty Gear X comic. :wow:

Thanks for sharing!

That is a hella sweet I-No! ^^

Anyone got anymore sketches? Maybe we’ll have to wait for Udoneko to throw some up like he did last time.

Why a Guilty Gear X comic? I mean I-No was from XX anyway! :wink:
A Guilty Gear comic pertaining to the whole series would be much more interesting. :slight_smile:


Dood, I thought this was yours! I was gravely mistaken by the similarities. Still kickass though.

Unfortunately i don’t have a working scanner (and it wasn’t very good when it worked anyway), so here are photos of both of my sketches.

SDCC Guile sketch 01
SDCC Guile sketch 02

The first one was done by Arnold Tsang, but i’m not sure who did the second. Does anyone recognize the second signature?

Both of em are amazing imo. This is the first time i’ve ever gotten artist sketches at a convention and i think i’m addicted now.

Cool! “Rice Barrell!” in the hizouse!

Kind of looks like Christine Choi? I can’t tell because of the scan… was it a female artist?

Here’s a scan of something Christine did for me last year and you can compare signatures.

SDCC 2004 Lilith

Unfortunately I didn’t get a sketch from Christine this year. My policy is I try to only get sketches from them when they are not so busy, and Christine always seemed very busy during the convention. I did run away with a few from the Udon crew. I’ll try to scan and post on my site sometime within the next few days. In the meantime if you wish you can visit the american gallery and check out a few pieces from SDCC 2004.


I’ll scan and post mine tonight. 3 all together.

And sorry, I don’t recognize that signature. Might it have been scott hepburn? It looks like it might say “Christine,” But I figure you’d remember if it was drawn by the only girl there.

Edit: First poster beat me to it, but it does look like a christine drawing.

Yeah it was drawn by a young lady. She was cute too, but i’m sure most of you guys have seen her and know that already.

There were like three or four girls at the Udon booth though, and i know of at least one other female artist that works at Udon so i didn’t wanna jump to conclusions.

I dunno, what’s the etiquette to asking an artist for their name? Maybe we can come up with a smooth way to do it so we don’t look lost. Good thing someone next to me was able to point out Arnold Tsang. Otherwise i would have had to walk up to random people like “Hello sir, may i inspect your name badge please?”

Maybe it was Joy Ang? She does stuff for Udon from time to time.

I know Christine did sketches, but she was inking all of hers, so it doesn’t look like she did that Guile.

Yeah yeah yeah, I just refer to the whole universe as the X series.

I wasn’t a complete jerk, I brought reference for Arn. He said she was one of his favorite characters and it looked like he had some fun trying to figure her out.

Here’s another sketch I got, it wasn’t from Udon but it is of GGX.
This is from David Nakayama (my Kubert school roommate)

Wait…I just caught that. You thought I did that? Haha…I wish, man…I wish.

(In Napoleans voice) Luckky! If udon is at sdcc next year I’m making all of them sketch me something.

Nice sketches, the I-No and 1st Guile pic look like oldskool Kinu drawings.

Just so you guys know, its $15 per sketch. Well worth it, IMO. Got 3 myself.

1: Ryu by Alvin Lee

2: Sagat by Arnold Tsang

3:Lilith by Joe Vriens

If I can dig it out, I’ll post up my Sakura by Scott Hepburn from last year.

I personally dig the Lilith, my Girlfriend got that one done, but it looks awesome.

$15 a sketch…damn
I went last year, and they were free with the comic. (The comic was 5$)

Here are my 3 from last year:

Yun, I forgot who, but is the same artist as the Urien below:

Urien, by I forgot who, but the same artist as Yun above:

Alex, by Arnold Tsang

no. last year, it was 5 buck a summer special and an extra 5 buck for a sketch.

And to make a correction, this year, you buy a 40 page full color UDON sketch book for 15 bucks and you can have a free sketch. The book is 15, not the sketch!

The second one is by Christine Choi, she’s so beautiful. Most of my sketches were by her… she did Sakura on the Summer Sketch Book… and I didnt know who I wanted on the comic book, so I just asked her to sketch her fav Street Fighter…so she drew Ibuki. All the artists are all pretty cool… On a side note, the day of the raffle 2 of my tickets won… LOL. I gave em away to my cousin and he got the joystick with the Alvin Lee design and the 80 dollar collector book. Ill post my sketches soon.


CAMMY by Christine Choi

DAIGO by Omar

ill post mine when i get pics of them…