Ayone going? I know dfist is gonna be there, so who else? Anyways, I know how the rules work. You have to post artwork if you wanna make a thread like this. See you there if anyone comes. OOP2 Villard is our table. Stop by.


Whoa, love it! Loving the use of colors and just the overall loose feel to it!

Do more please!

You never cease to amaze.

dude that piece rules amazing stuff

Hey there SFMC.

If I was in the right country I’d go.

Make sure you get squeeze some SF4 time in there for all us Fan Art regulars.

Awesome Dudders!

phewwwww man. where the hell have you been dude? me and df were like where the hells mc for the longest! you’re as solid as ever man. great to see you back

awesome style i can see it in a VG booklet

that’s amazing! damn i wish you would post more pics

Many thanks for the feedback. Thank you all. Lots of new faces and talent running about. I have a lot of catching up to do.

It was fun at sdcc. Dfist, you’re a cool guy man. Hope to see some more people out next year if I go.

I only got to play sf4 for like 3 minutes before they kicked me out. Overall I can’t really judge the game in 3 minutes. I like it so far though.

SFMC: Good to finally meet you, dude. I only got to play 1 game of sfiv too. I’ll probably go next year if everything works out again. We’re gonna try and book the Marriott already since it’s right next to the Con. My feet were killing me after walking everywhere all day.

Sup dudes? Wish I would have checked this thread earlier. Just got back from San Diego. Would have been cool to meet you guys. Maybe next year! I also only played SF4 once. After the first time of waiting 25 mins in line to play for 3 mins, I decided it wasn’t worth it and didn’t go back.

Man it’s like a reunion in here! All we need now is Rook, Mr Twelve and Sweet! :wink:

It’s a shame you guys don’t freq here as much as you used to. But it’s cool to know it’s because you guys are busy following your dreams (School/work/freelance/etc…)

Congrats on all your success in the creative industry!

CSFAC SF IV Alt costume fan art challenge assemble!!! :wgrin:

I’m still here. Thanks for remembering me.:lovin:

Any of you got the Udon’s SF Tribute book? I really want to know how that one turned out.:wonder:

Damn, too bad we didn’t get to see you, Ron.

Mr.Twelve, I got the Tribute book. The artwork in it is pretty nice. I saw yours, gammon, kando, and uponthoufaircat’s pieces in it. $90 is more than I would pay for it though, good thing I got it for free haha.

Mrtwelve — You can see alot of samples floating throughout Deviantart.

sup everyone, good to see old familiar names again :smiley:

that’s gotta be the slimmest Dudley I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:
Love how you manage to convey so much with so little. Liking the purples you’ve got going on.

congrats that you’re doing well :slight_smile:

I think that’s an idea for the next CSFAC :slight_smile:

that price pretty much knocks it out of my budget. Would love to see what you guys came up with, though :slight_smile:

anyone have any videos you want to share?

nice dudley, SFMC.
awesome colors!

wish i checked this thread before I went to SDCC.
probably would have dropped by!