SDSU area

HI. Looking to gather a small group (6 to 7 people) at my house on Wednesday nights and Friday nights in the San Diego State area. I live across the street from SDSU.
SF 4 (360)
TvC (have ps 2 to wii converter)
MBAA (ps 2 you know)
KoF 98 UM (ps 2)
KoF 2002 UM (ps 2)
I’m down with Sega Saturn Bomberman too :tup:
BYOController, or at least one between friends if more than one of you.
BYOB or anything else

i live in la mesa 2 miles east of SDSU. i play at random days and times. my buddies @ SDSU plays a few. check the San Diego thread…maybe there are some players in there.

What do you mean random times? You play on campus at random times?

hey guys, there’s a thread for SD where most the SD players post

hope to see yall posting and playing soon :smiley: