SDSU KOF 2K4 Special Edition?

I went class tonight at San Diego State University and after at the arcade i was playing the neo geo cab and they had “KOF 2004 special edititon”. Umm, has anyone else played or heard of this version? i would put this in the Pacific South forum but this verison was different and i was wondering if anyone else has seen this. i think someone hacked the 2001 or 2002 KOF and added a sumthin. one interesting example would be naked and topless ladies in the background. i kid you not there was some girl flashing and girls booty shaking. is this version old or what? anyone got some info on this version?

It’s a hacked version of KOF 2002. Much like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was a hack of KOF 2001.

There’s another hacked version of KOF 2002 called “KOF 10th Anniversary Edition” in which you can activate MAX about 5 times in a row, effectively increasing the damage ratio FIVE TIMES, and perform even MORE retarded MAX combos which can easily kill the enemy.

I remember something like this being sold on e-bay, and I believe it was the KoF 2004 special edition.

:rofl: i havn’t seen the hacked versions yet.

Please choose one …
A) "I am a new student attending SDSU for the first time."
B) "I am a returning student but I must admit I don’t frequent the university arcade much."
C) "I am a returning student who does frequent the arcade but I don’t play a lotta neogeo."
D) “omg Haxorz!!!”

To be honest, 2k4 special edition has been out for quite a while now in the university aztec center. They used to have a standard version of 2k2 but I guess it was switched with this … for whatever reason. Seems okay I guess, certainly gives you that “wtf” impression when you first play it but I don’t really mind as long as the cast are 100% 2k2 legit.

I’ve been playing this (granted I’m still a newb when it comes to kof) and I usually go all out Ikari. Thing is I’ve played both of the mentioned hacks (crouching tiger and this) and I’m wondering if the characters are exactly like their 2k2 counter parts. Both the hacks are similar in the way that the stages and sprites are mostly altered rips from previous neogeo games and you could do stuff like shrink your character via taunting, but in crouching tiger I think they messed with the move attributes a bit. I mean I sure as heck don’t remember Leona’s sonic boom move (the one where she hops in the air and a green sphere appears in front of her) being able to shoot across the screen. So far I mostly just stuck to Ikari and it seems like their moves are still the same in 2k4 special edition. Hopefully someone can answer this as I wouldn’t wanna end up investing a lot of time seriously learning a game that doesn’t at least have the same cast as 2k2.

@r-ch1e: out of curiousity what exactly do you play? I don’t frequent the aztec center as much if any nowadays, but I was wondering if they have any new games there like kofXI? The last game I remember them getting was a ggxx cabinet with messed up buttons (I mean it’s enough that gg players rarely will find a #reload cabinet let alone comp at an arcade, so I’ll stand playing old ggxx, but for them to not even have the right button setup is just plain retarded. Oh wells at least the buttons work!) Sorry for the rant as well as the questions. Thnx in advanced if you answer them … btw do they still have sengoku 3?

Crouching Tiger DID have revamped moves.

Iori’s projectile is now his Maiden Masher finisher (the HUGE geyser thingy)

Kyo can perform his SDM (the command throw one) following any of his Fire Punches.

Truly broken. :wasted:

My arcade has 10th Anniversey Edition. It isn’t bad until you fight Rugal. Seriously…it’s depressing. He has ZERO recovery time (many times has he done his Kaiser Wave THEN DIRECTLY GOES INTO his Genocide Cutter). Plus his SDM is about 15 fireballs…half of which are unblockable. It’s amazing how broken he is.

r-ch1e: Dude, i go to San Diego State University too man. I’m usually playing on the Marvel machine. Let me know what’s up