SDTECHIN.COM (Formerly SDTEKKEN.COM Tech Area) - 2014 Project


Hello all! My name is Mark ‘MarkMan’ Julio!

Some of you may know me for my antics at Mad Catz and our support of the fighting game community. Some of you may NOT know that I have a dark past… it was being the webmaster/owner of SDTEKKEN, which was my playground for all things Tekken news and arcade stick/controller info that related to the FGC.

I’m bringing it back. My old info is outdated and I want to help create a resource for today’s community.

For reference, you can find the old site here:

The new site will live here:

Some of the info is being populated right now. But it is still very early.

I’m looking for some staff members that I can trust with news content, reviews, etc.

Being in the position I’m in, I won’t be able to review competing products. I can offer my insight/opinion however.

My goal is to have it become a hub for arcade stick technology/culture news (including gamepads/converters, etc) and have original content such as reviews, interviews and more.

This is the soft launch right now. The official relaunch is scheduled for Feb. 2014.

My question is! What do you want to see?

Let me know.

Hopefully I’ll have a finalized staff on board very soon and I can work on getting this ready faster.

Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

i want to review your contribution to the FGC as S-tier!

i’d like to see more technical stuff about buttons and joysticks. comparisons between the crown, JLF and ls-32.

build quality, ease to mod (something like TE compared to X/Y/Z)

is padhacking qualified as “illegal” and won’t be able to do? maybe some photoshop guides since the TE2 now allows “out of the box” art swapping


Sent you a PM Mark a while ago… I am willing to assist wherever I can.


I’m willing to participate and help! I used to want to be a journalist so I have writing experience.


Nice! I went to school for journalism too. Let’s rock this joint. I’ll reach out to you guys soon.


See if @Gummo will write a post (or even a regular article if he’s down for it) reviewing dremels (he could expand to multiple tools if he was interested).

Although Frank is also qualified to make reviews like this, so maybe he could do articles like that, but I personally would like to see TONS and I mean tons of info about sticks, their PCBs, and tools used by modders.


Awesome, I used to check your site out back in the old school Tekken days. Weren’t you selling buttons and parts at one point? Or am I confusing my sites?


@MarkMan got your tweet. Was only able to reply now on the count of being asleep and just waking up.


@d3v I know you guys are ahead on time! No worries!

In other words. You are my future. :3


Oh lol. You trying to bring back the old “d3v is from the future” jokes from 09’-'10?


Don’t call it a comeback. I’m on gchat if you want to chat. :slight_smile:


I want to ask you. Do you think love can bloom even on a battle techtalkfield?

Also, I noticed the Hori announcement on SDTEKKEN, I wonder if I’ll be able to get them in canada for significantly cheaper than sanwas…


You always struck me as an anime character…

You a refugee from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”?
There were plenty of aliens and time travellers from that series! LOL


I’ll see if I can get on later. There’s a couple of things I need to do/fix at the moment.


lolol! yo anime!

@GeorgeC you ever consider writing about arcade sticks/blogging about stuff? :slight_smile:


I’m pretty new to all this, but it certainly sounds like a cool project! =D


Kudos for pushing the community even further with this new project despite the busy schedule, Mark.


laugh: I miss you homie, hope all is well. Your post means a lot!


Holy crap, all the old school techies coming out of the woodwork on this thread. :tup:


I still have the green OBSF-30 that @laugh sent me when I needed one really quickly. The plunger/cap has been replaced by a red one but I keep it around as a lucky charm… and as part of my dual controller lag testing setup.