SDTEKKEN Podcast Show. No 1 - T6 Console + More!


It’s up. Feedback please!


Me like


good job, mark. you and ace have a nice little repertoire going.

Content for the show is going to be hard to come by once the game is out… get your q&a section going strong to get you through those times until major tourney and news starts kicking in.

and yeah… norcal strongstyle is no longer arcade, sadly. 2 arcade machines is too rough, but we’re going to do it big in january regardless.

get that bum ogre to in on that shit.


I gotta check this out when I get home


Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I just listened I thought it was great man !has me ready to play the game


Nice job :).


Fuck smash brothers! Too raw.


Quality podcast! Looking forward to more!


Thanks guys… any feedback? Anything you’d like to see on the next one?


i would like hear some beginner/intermediate/advance/JapanKorea level tips on how to be a successful tekken player.



Is the SDT podcast going to be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

If the next podcast will be out after next Saturday, I want to hear about that snazzy launch party that’s goin’ down in socal.


The first two episodes will be more of an introductory episode to new players/TEKKEN fans. From episode 3 on, expect some in depth strat stuff.

I was planning the next one to focus on online play and more community stuff. But good idea! We’ll cover the console launch party!


Hey, Markman, next podcast man, let me and few other Tekkeh heads on that thing. N.O./BR used to have a big Tekken scene, James and few others down here are damn good, I hope for Lousiana to come at least 30 deep for the Evo in the T6 tourney.


good stuff man, look forward to the next one. got me even more hyped



Thank you VERY much for your feedback.

Our goal for this podcast was just to test the waters and try to please the community we care about. Not just the competitive TEKKEN players but the TEKKEN fanbase as a whole.

We’re very pleased to say we are looking forward to having more shows on a regular basis. Not only will it continue to cater to both competitive players (which we hope will eventually grow the podcast fanbase with) and TEKKEN fans (juicy news and gossip anyone?)… our main focus will be that to inform, entertain, and most importantly deliver.

We will not waste your hour. :slight_smile:

We have some special guests lined up and for the next few shows I think it will be important for us to interact with the fans to get their input because at the end of the day. If it wasn’t for this community, this podcast would be nothing. It’s for us, by us, right?

Stay tuned! Next episode will cover a special TEKKEN 6 event and a big focus on ONLINE play for TEKKEN 6!


good stuff bro, this is exactly what Tekken needs to help the community grow. I’m excited to see this kinda of support for the scene.

oh and random request, not that I need it because I already have a TE, but since you started to go over arcade sticks maybe you could quickly go over the pros and cons of certain sticks, i.e. SE’s not being worth (sorry I know you work for madcatz) and TE’s and HRAP3 SA’s having full sanwa parts. and stuff like that, I think for people who want an arcade stick it would be quick, and probably wouldn’t take too long to say. because tech talk is kinda cluttered and finding the info might be tough.

oh and another random question for myself that you could just answer here, Hori Tekken 6 stick or HRAP3 SA?


I listened to the podcast today in the car, very informative!

One gripe, which is just a small personal one, is the music used to transition to other parts of the show. It seems like it pauses to go into the next phase of the show a little too often, I think you guys used like 5 different songs from T6! Intro and ending song is enough IMO.

Of course, this is minor and I am probably in the minority, but otherwise good shit on the podcast!


Just thought I’d drop in and say that’s the first time I’ve listened to people talk for an hour and not get bored half way through.

Looking forward to the next one.


Great listen :tup:
I’m one of those people who have previously only casually played Tekken, but with 6 coming up with online play I think I might attempt to actually get into it. So getting some info on the game, scene and general tactics is awesome, especially in easy to consume podcast form.