Se and fs3 cheap joysticks ftl

so yesterday i finally got new sanwa buttons for my se. now today i got the chance to play with them and my stick after an hour or 2of use decides to get stuck in df position. it stays on df and all that other directions do is return to neutral. i tried switching from the jlf to the madcatz stick and nothing happened.

now to day i tried a mod to put qd’s on my fs3 pcb i finish it all up and now the whole stick does nothing dont register directions nada.

I need help im stickless and wore out if any one thats lending a helping hand wants a looksie at the guts i will post pics and vids if needed.

I feel your pain man. I went through 2 EX2’s just trying to mod one. Both dead. R.I.P.

If someone makes a Shoryuken “dead arcade sticks” group, consider me your first member. :frowning:

the “cheap” SE uses the same PCB as the TE’s just FYI.

well damn it looks like when i upgrade im gonna get me a HRAP fuck this madcatz bullshit i shoulda known after all the ps2 and xbox v1 controllers i went through.

@ csword sounds like a good idea. lol

You can save some money, unless you really want a HRAP, and scrap the insides of the SE (keep your parts) and drop in a PS360 PCB board. Just get a wire cutter and a bunch of wires and possibly a new wire harness for the stick.

All Madcatz & Hori 360 sticks will die a horrible, weird death; it’s just the speed at which they do it that differs.

actually i had looked at that option after i signed off here last night. My only qualm is that my stick is the ps3 version and havent seen any vids on a ps3 install of ps360. so if anyone has seen a vid and wants to link ill probably go that route.

and actually after looking at more sticks last night the qanba looks like an up and coming heavy hitter.

There’s an installation post by jamesepoop with a bunch of pics for installing PS360 PCBs on the thread. Here it is:

In short, it’s no different than installing onto a 360 SE/TE (I’ve installed PS360 in PS3 AND 360 TE, SE and Hori Tekken 5, HRAP, and Wii sticks), with the exception of where to solder Home and Turbo.

See this pic for where to solder home and turbo on the PS3 versions of the Mad Catz SE and TE sticks:

ahh i see now. Now I had seen some ps360 diagrams on a pdf and since you have so much experience with the hardware I’d figure I’d ask this. If I wanted to just take 4 spare buttons , put holes through the back of my se and wire them directly to the ps360 for the function buttons would that work? I ask this because obviously something is faulty on my current pcb. Not having any experience with dual modding, I’m not sure if the input issues would carry over.

What would you assign these four button being drilled added to the SE as? If you do decide to drill in holes, use a 24mm fostner bit drill tool.

You can still use the same start and select from the SE as that part can work even without the Home/Turbo Panel PCB.

When I go about wiring up the PS360 PCB to the Mad Catz SE and TE PCBs, the Turbo LEDs lose their function, but the Home and Turbo buttons will still work if you solder the separate wires onto them like in the shown diagram pic. The USB from the SE/TE is cut off from the original SE/TE Home/Turbo panel and wired up to the PS360 instead. Power and common ground connected from SE/TE PCB to PS360.

ALSO, do keep in mind that the JLF switches count as a PCB assembly, too. You may want to see if that is the real problem and NOT Mad Catz PCB. You can buy these separately:

the four buttons were for start, select, home, turbo. but now that you mention it i could use the existing start select buttons.

I did check to see if it was the jlf pcb. i took my the madcatz stock stick and dropped that back in and it was stuck in the same exact direction.

Ah, okay. Then the problem really may be the SE PCB. I still suggest keeping that PCB in there and finding someone to install another PCB like the PS360 PCB. Not only will the buttons and stick be hooked up to the new PCB, but if you keep the Mad Catz Home/Turbo panel, it’s only function will be for the Home and Turbo buttons acting as buttons. You lose the LEDs for the Turbo activation and also the function of the lock and d-pad/right stick/left stick switches. A fair sacrifice for something that will work better in its place.

Post up if you need more info about how to go about this installation process I described.

ok so i have my ps360 now and its installed. but now i have a new problem see i just went ahead and wired select and turbo together and my stick was working fine for a week or so then today the home button input gets stuck. the funny thing is i have no home button. my ps360 randomly defaulted back to xbox were the home button wasnt stuck then i wired up just turbo to see how that worked and now itll work in a pc too. but the pc showed me that button 12 (which is home i believe) is being held down. what can i do to release the input and what is causing it to be held down.