SE and TE stick not working on Windows 7

Hi y’all. Well I just got a new computer with Windows 7 on it. When i try to start using my fightstick (se and te) they are apparently installed, but when i try to play GGPO or configure it with XPadder it just doesn’t respond. Any help would be great!

did you press f5 and map the inputs? i know that sounds like a dumb question but it could really be that simple.

also you could try using JoyToKey

Well with GGPO I should’nt even need to map the buttons, but I do most of the time. And yes I did press f5.

Basically if i even try to press or map any buttons my computer does not recognize that any input has been made.

when you plug it in does it say downloading software

Yup then it says Finished downloading Drivers

Are these PS3 or 360 TEs? PS3 TEs have been known to be a bit of a hit and miss with PC.

Yeah, the PS3 TEs don’t play nice with certain USB chipsets.

must be why i have 2 ps3 sticks XP