SE art question

alright so ive decided to get some artwork for my se from gameongrafix aka mamemarquees.the only problem is i dont have photoshop and dont know how i would go about ordering from them.and i dont know what size i would need to give them.if someone can please help me out here it would be much appreciated.:pray:

Just print the exact size of the PSD @ 300 DPI, no scaling whatsoever.

Guessing if you grabbed the template from Just use it, don’t scale, 300 DPI.

i still dont get it…and could i use gimp instaed of photoshop?

You can use Gimp, yes.
But don’t you already have the art?
And aren’t you just going to have Game On Grafix?

You just have to send them the .psd file as it.
That’s all.

so…i can get a psd. from the artwork thread and then just upload it to thier their thing and order it?

With the artist’s permission, of course.

Yes, that is all.
You don’t have to modify anything.

alright thanks for the help

alright thanks for the help:rock: