SE Back template

Im planning out a fightstick design on a SE stick. I want it to have art on all sides including the back.
So i have a few questions.

Is there a template for the back of an SE stick? If not could i get the dimensions of everything?

Also what kind of stuff will work on the plastic side parts? Paint wise at least. Has anyone tried acrylic?

Any help would be appreciated.

Paint wise? Vinyl Dye or Spray, w/e it is now.

I don’t know if there are exact measurements of the shell. You may just have to measure it yourself.

Does anyone know the answer to this question, as I would like to put

on the back panel of my SE

Best bet is to simply measure and then make sure you are working in 300dpi for your design.
You can print out a draft copy on plain paper to see how it fits. It a flat unobtrusive surface