SE Balltop Issue Needs To Be Solved

So far i have found 2 other users with the same problem as me when i browsed through the entire SE tech. thread. I’ve read sarcastic responses like “lefty loosey, righty tighty” i think we know the mechanics of how screws work.

The issue is while holding the screw driver in place and twisting off the ball, or using a pair of pliers on the shaft and turning the ball off ( both methods i have tried with no success) The ball turns the shaft stays still and nothing happens. I was wondering if there was an alternate way to remove the ball top. I’m sitting here with a JLF to put in the SE stick and cannot remove the stock stick without removing the ball. It simply won’t come out unless you remove the ball top. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

You could try to pry off the E-clip.

Unless you have plans for that stick I’d just break the balltop with a hammer.

if you can brace the bottom of the joystick. try tapping the balltop with a hammer then try to loosen it. like with the screwdriver at the bottom and tapping the balltop (harder and harder) give it a twist and try a few more times.

i don’t know works on other things like screws that get stuck and won’t turn… or glass jars

I second the e-clip idea. You might try a small precision flat head and some needle nose pliers maybe some wire. After you get the ball and shaft out, I would try putting the shaft in a metal vise with rubber padding and then get a wood clamp with rubber padding and twist that shit. Maybe some joker super glued the ball top on at the factory.

Na i helped my friend mod his SE and that doesnt work very well so instead we…

Some of the Mad Catz Ball Top are really on that tight?


the ball isnt that hard to remove… i was able to remove it just fine.

screw driver + elbow grease man thats all you need no pun inttended…

i’ve done three of these so far all the same way.

you might want to geta better grip of the ball (there could be some hardcore thread lock in ther)

did he just ripped the whole thing apart?

He said the thing keeps free spinning, which indicates a fucked up thread inside the ball. No amount of “elbow grease” would help in that scenario. So they cut the bitch at the shaft. Pretty much the best solution in this case.

you right man

  • eclip then if you want to save it
  • (i can’t imagine just cutting it i try to save every part i got)

guess i’m cheap like that…

good choice overall. The only thing to salvage from that stick is the dust washer and the mounting plate anyway.

^ Seconded.

I test cut the mad catz stick to fit into an unmodded Namco stick. That way I didn’t screw up an actual JLF before I had it perfect. I gave the balltop and shaft to my dad to use for whatever random thing he’d use it for (He turns junk into junky toys that don’t do anything interesting).

Thanks all for the help and suggestions! I just cut the bastard off haha :smokin:

Now i can use my new stick at EVO! hope to meet some new faces there (ones i cannot guarantee i will remember due to large amounts of alcohol consumption that will be constantly flowing :cool:)

Edit: ended up inspecting it after…seems some of the balls actually separate from the aluminum threading because its so cheap. The aluminum threading surrounded by the plastic ball was actually spinning while the ball was rotating around it. The only way to get around that was to pseudo circumcise my stick ROFL.