SE/Brawl Stick Art Test... Possible?


Hey guys, new guy here. Started getting back into fighting games recently and wanted to add some art work to a few Brawl sticks that I have laying around. Got them all torn down but every time I print off a custom art that I make (From the mad catz se template) It is smaller than the sticks!

I wanted to do this before going and paying money at a fedex/kinkos if it wont fit. Just looking for some confirmation.

Am I printing them incorrectly?

Will it look fine if I use the templates but save them as PDF and take them to a kinkos?

Thanks guys.


yeah you’re probably printing them incorrectly. check if the box next to “fit to page” is checked off. its not supposed to be. i haven’t printed at kinkos but i’ve heard they are touchy about printing copyrighted material. there’s a guy named jason hicks on the trading outlet that will start selling custom vinyl covers soon for madcatz SEs and TEs if you’re interested.


Yea It must be a printing issue and I have heard that as well about kinkos. Ill check on the trading post thanks for the heads up.


I have some templates that D3V let me use. I have a buddy that applied them to his stick and they fit fine. The only issue he ran into was he got impatient and a few bubbles formed. I can set you up with your artwork though if you’d like, all minty and ready to go with the proper protection from ink loss and wear/tear.


Awesome Jasen. I emailed you earlier man I’ll follow up with you on there when you start doing the SE/brawl temps. Much Thanks.