SE Brawlstick case/Dual Modded TE/ etc

Located in Anaheim, CA. Shipped price only applies to the connecting 48 states. I accept payment via paypal gift payment to cut on the fees. If that works for you, then contact me at

Brawlstick shell with joystick and buttons. No PCB. Brand new $25 shipped.

Motorola TN20 Navi unit. See amazon link here. Selling for $50 shipped. Like new!

JLF Shaft covers… $2.75 shipped
Gold. Red… Blue… Purple. Guile Green.

HRAP USB cable. New. Plug and Play. Will fit HRAP3 or EX-SE. $20 shipped
Got one of these?
Well get a new cable

360 Break away cable extensions for your USB. Dog chewed yours up? $5 shipped.

Jinx feet
Dark Hai Sanwa Buttons 6x buttons and Dark Hai Gray Sanwa ball top.
TE-S Dual Modded with Chimp SMD
Round 1 TE Xbox. Dual Modded with a Chimp SMD
Seimitsu PS-14-DNC 24mm Pushbutton Green
Round 1 TE PS3. Dual modded with a Xbox 360 fight pad and Imp v2
Blurple shaft covers
SFxTekken Fight Stick Pro. Dual modded with Chimp SMD
MVC2 PS3 TE dual Mod.
Round 1 PS3 TE Dual Mod.
HRAP VX-SA Dual Mod/LED/Super Wire
Meatbun Daigo “The Beast” Umehara shirt
Round 1 TE dual modded.
Asus VH236H, EVO monitor

PM’d about Jinx feet.

PM’ing about Dark Hai set.

Do the shaft covers come as a set or 2.75 a piece? Same with the breakaways

The price is per shaft cover and per usb cable. Thanks for looking

Payment sent! :tup:

I’d like the red and blue shaft cover…sending pm now

Dark Hai set to Solineus, Shaft covers to slaycruz, jinx feet to heddtrauma shipping today. Thanks for looking!

Added HRAP cables. Dual Modd HRAP shipping today too!

Just got my parts. Thanks again bro!

Got my feet.

If only my real order would come in from Jinxz would come in even remotely as fast in the same month Zzzz.

Can you still use dust washers with the shaft covers?

You can, the shaft cover is a little bit smaller in thickness by 2 mm or so, but doesn’t look odd.

Are the two dual modded te’s still for sale? i live in anaheim too, can pick up and have cash in hand

alanizzzle. The TE-S was picked up today. The other Round 1 has lots of offers. If you’re interested, please reply via PM/conversation ASAP. I will have another Round 1 available too.

Added a Meatbun “the beast” t-shirt. Normally $32 shipped from the site, but i’m selling for $28 shipped.

Added another Round 1 TE. This one is brand new that is dual modded.

Sent pm…had a question for ya

Sold the TE-S. I have two dual modded Round 1’s for sale =)

how much for 1 dual mod? just curious