SE Brawlstick case/Dual Modded TE/ etc

You got PM.

How much for the one of the dual mods?

PM Sent Mikado.

Giving some dark hai buttons from the Hori Tekken 6 stick away. Just pay shipping.

Woah pm’d

You got PM back. By the way, looking for an Xbox 360 slim if anyone doesn’t play their xbox and wants to trade.

Beast dude here! Buy his stuff!

^^Thanks brah! You’re pretty beast yourself. =)

shiryu22, Dark Hai buttons shipped out.

still have the brand new dual mod TE?

Xbox 360 TE shipping today to Slickrick_01 =)

Got the buttons, thanks!

All shaft were sold?

Awesome man! Glad it made it there.

Shafts are still available and you got PM back. Sorry for the wait.

Also added SFxTekken Pro stick that’s brand new. Will add pictures soon!

$215 shipped for the SFXTekken stick.

^ you crazy, that’s like stick+tax+cost of chimp, let the man make some money!

Thanks dude. I got the stuff yesterday. Your shaft it’s good to do this. :slight_smile:


Round 1 TE PS3 Traded. I have another PS3 TE dual modded for sale. Like new condition!

SFxTekken Fight Stick Pro shipped out. Also MVC2 TE being delivered on Friday. Much appreciated SRK!

Bookmarking this for later. Have a friend whom could possibly interested in the dual modded TE.

Do you still have any of the blue or gold shafts left?