SE Button is Soldered (HELP)!

This is my first time modding an SE stick and I finally got my artwork and buttons in. I was just about done getting the quick disconnects off ( With 3 broken buttons and torn up fingers) when I got to the last one and found one of the quick disconnects is Soldered onto the button connector.

I have never soldered in my life and this has thrown a huge monkey wrench into my modding plans. Can anyone suggest next steps, preferably without needing to solder.


Quick disconnects are not soldered, thats why there called quick disconnects. The exposed copper is inserted into a quick disconnect. It is then clamped, and it can then be removed and placed onto a prong at will.

If there is indeed solder on that quick disconnect holding it in place on the microswitch, the only solution is to heat that solder up and then remove the QD from the microswitch. To do so, you need a soldering iron.

Post a picture up, quick disconnects are the solderless solution so there should be none, are you sure you’re not mistaken.

I may have been wrong on my wording, but the solder is still the problem. I don’t have access to a camera right now but every single connector except for this one looks the same. Looking at your response it appears that the wire was directly soldered onto the prong.

I don’t have access to a soldering gun, how hard is it to splice the wire and then put it into a quick disconnect? (Also what are they really called and where could I find one).

(sorry if this doesnt help becuase i know nothing about modding sticks other than what i have seen and read on this forum.)

couldnt you remove the button and the wire disconnecting it at the stick end?

might make things easier to figure out.

quick disconnects are really easy to fit on the end of a wire, all you need is pliers. you should be able to get them at any electronics store or radio shack or something. for Japanese buttons you want .110 QD’s. Just cut the wire off the button strip off some isolation and squeeze on the QD.

That makes no sense at all.

I believe the above quote meant instead of disconnecting the wire from the button just disconnect it from the PCB, but the wire is probably soldered to the PCB.

You could just cut it and re-crimp a new qd. Soldering really isn’t that hard though, especially just to remove a wire from a big pad like the ones on the button. You just heat it up and pull it off, no special techniques required.

Oh I see. So every other connection to your buttons is using a quick disconnect yet this one simply has a wire soldered to it. If you just wanted a quick job, follow Unwanteds advice. It may make that prong look slightly messy but who’s looking inside your SE?

Sorry for the confusion, I thought that all of your connections were QD’s. Did you buy it new or second hand? You would have voided your warranty either way opening it but it shouldnt have been like that originally.

Hi I am in the same situation, it looks like Mat Catz soldered the button on!

what should i do? just get some quick disconnects and DIY it??

Can’t really tell from that pic. If it is soldered and not just on tight, then just snip the wire just below the QD and crimp a new QD on it and you’re good to go.

Doesn’t look soldered on that pic. But it’s probably tightened with pliers, maybe you have to pull hard (and risk pulling off the wire) or widen the quick-connect with pincers.

If thats the button you are going to use then you will need to de-solder it and remove the QD. If not just cut the wire at the base of the QD, expose about 1/4" of the wire and stick that exposed wired into another QD. Use some pliers or something to crimp it. Then just snap the QD on the button.

I managed to de-solder it and pull it off.