SE edition and mod or buy TE fightstick?

So, I want a fightstick for SF4. I can either buy the SE edition and mod it, or wait for them to make more tournament edition sticks.

How great is a modded SE edition stick comparing to the TE fightstick? Also, any word on when more TE will be made?

Toss in some sanwa parts into a SE and your set. It performs just as well as any HRAP or TE stick just a slightly smaller stick. Infact I think I prefer the SE modded over a HRAP, it feels very solid. You won’t get a TE unless you have a pre-order pending or spend $400 on ebay.

I have a Hrap2SA, a custom PS2, and a custom Xbox360. That being said, I really, really, like my modded SE, it plays just as well as my other expensive sticks, plus to be honest I really love the size and slight curve of the case. My 0.02 pennies is go with the SE.

Okay, here is the thing. I am actually new to fight sticks, but not fightan gamez. I found out about the tournament edition stick pretty late, so I’m bummed out about not having one. I want to avoid the SE stick because I hear it has problems, and if I mod it (found a cool guide to mod the buttons and sticks) then I might break the cheap-metal screws that the SE edition has. Not only that but it will void my warranty.

So, with that being said, I’m desperate for a good stick right now, but I also want a damn TE stick and I haven’t reserved one :frowning: God damn Mad Catz.

Well, I didn’t break mine =]

Get the SE stick… Its the easiest mod ever, infact I can’t even call it a mod as all your doing is swapping out a few parts. I had no problems with the screws. Just make sure you get a Sanwa JLF with the mounting plate. U Most likely won’t need the warranty after you put real Sanwas in there anyway.

Is the mounting plate included with the Sanwa JLF?

Depends on where you live :stuck_out_tongue: For me (Netherlands), a SE FightStick with Sanwa parts or a TE stick are in the same price range, around 150 euros. Shipping is expensive.

i just randomly decided to call a gamecrazy store near me to see if they got any fighter sticks and/or fighter pads in, and they got 3 regular fight sticks in and just a few pads. the pads were sold out but luckily for me they had 1 fight stick left, so i picked it up after i got off of work.

i didn’t even bother to try it out when i opened it, i just started modding it immediately. i put in a seimitzu with a bat-top style stick, and swapped out all of the buttons for sanwa’s… perfection.

this stick will do fine for me if i can’t get a hold of a TE one anytime soon. of course it’s not as nice as the TE stick, but it’s the next best thing. i like it much better than my HRAP. anyhow, hope that helps out.

Whoa very nice …thats exactly how I’m going to do mine …just I want the last two buttons to be black.

Yes but they also sell it without it. goto They have it with mounting plate only I believe.

I have looked and preorder everywhere for the TE stick, but madcatz is being so stingy with them. so i guess hori or a modded CE is the way to go. plus i think it adds a little more fun modding you own stick, even if its a CE! i had a perfect 360 before, but i think going to enjoy this stick just as much when i mod it! but yeah madcatz got us again! lol