Se fight stick q's


sorry for making another post but i just ordered the fight stick online and i’m waiting to get it. i was under the impressions that the se and te stick were the same which is why i bought the cheaper one. i also thought the reason for the te being more expensive was it was limited or more durable or whatever. i find out the te has the sanwa parts and the se the regular mad catz parts. i also just found that the se version is shitty and is resulting in many people modding it or just getting new parts. my questions:

should i deal with the se fight stick until the te becomes available later on or should i just get new sanwa buttons and joystick and mod it?

is the te going to be that much better? i know it uses the sanwa parts but the rest of it is mad catz right? are we supposed to be believe it’s still going to be just as good as the arcade or as bad as the se?

also, this one regards mad catz’ fix for the stick. has anyone returned their stick or have they just lived with it or modded it? when i get my stick and it starts to mess up and i send it back to mad catz, is it going to be fixed for sure or are they just gonna replace it with faulty parts again?