Se fight stick start button

my start button on the se fightstick broke, are there replacements or anyway i can fix it? the button lost its spring or something and wont pop back up

opened it up, and turns out that the little suction pastic thing has a little slit in it. man these are really bad quality. it looks like they just glued mine all together. there r strands of glue everywhere

for cheap you could try getting those cheap small radio shack buttons and rewire the two wires that go to the start and select. You may have to drill or hot glue since I don’t know if the hole is the same size. You have to ditch that mini PCB they put there.

Or you you could get a 24mm holesaw from Ace hardware, and drill two holes for start and select in the back and wire the wires to 24mm buttons you can order from Doesnt sound like a hard fix.

From Bomberman’s imp thread.

Yeah, I replaced mine with real buttons because I was nervous about those crapping out. You may be able to call Mad Catz as well. I’ve heard they’re shipping out individual parts now if you try and negotiate with them.

thanks. i just might put some real buttons in there