SE Fight Stick "XBox Button"

Just wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else. My XBox Button on my SE stick does TWO ACTIONS instead of one. When I press it BOTH the SF4 menu and dashboard menu pops up for some reason. Is this a problem with the stick or just 2 hotkeys configured into one button that i just need to change. Because I can’t seem to find it. :confused:

EDIT: oh wow, i just noticed the BACK button don’t work. LOL I love madcatz.

I believe even normally when you push the 360 button the start menu is supposed to appear.

As for your select button it might be disconnected, best bet is to open it up and check.

yea, when you press the guide button during a game, it is supposed to pause the game for you, just like it does on a regular xbox 360 pad…

Pressing the xbox button in most games pauses the game or you.