SE Fightstic Help

So here’s the problem: When I go to plug in my 360 SE Fightstick, the guide button will flash once, and will go black. I try to move the joystick and push every button, but nothing works.
Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, what can be done to fix this???

It might be the USB cable. It sounds like there could be a break in the cable somewhere.

It could be other factors, but the USB cable is the easiest thing to check for
Worst case scenario it could be the PCB.

First thing I’d check is the breakaway cable. When I had the same problem with my SE, replacing the breakaway cable solved it. They go for $1-2 on eBay, so it’s worth at least trying if you don’t already have a breakaway cable.

If that’s not the problem, Darksakul’s suggestion of a problem with the USB cable is spot on.

That is a symptom of a bad USB, my Kitty modded stick did the exact same thing and it was because the USB with the RJ-45 wasn’t crimped properly. Do you have a habit of wrapping your cord around your stick? That can lead to breaking the wires inside the USB cable if you wrap too tightly.