SE fightstick measurements?

specifically how tall is it? About the same size as a FS3/EX2? Can’t find this info anywhere.

kinda the same shape/size like an ex2 but too me its a little heavier.

Jesus Christ, I can’t fucking deal with this shit. Look around a little bit more and the info is all over the place. I know search is disabled but if you spend 10 minutes looking at the most you’ll find it. “New Thread” is not the button you should be pressing if you can’t get an answer within 30 seconds.

holy shit people read the stickies and look around…

Link me in that case. The madcatz sticky does not give any dimensions for the SE fightstick, only the TE.

why do you want to know how tall it is? same size as a ex2.


OK thanks, that was at least helpful compared to “fuck off read the sticky, neg repped” when the info isn’t in there. Best response I am gonna get apparently :rolleyes:

If search isn’t working you can always do a Google Advanced Search, specifying as the site.

Still wondering about the height/length/width of the standard FS if anyone wouldn’t mind measuring theirs.