SE Fightstick or PS3 not working on PS3

Hello everyone, my names Antonio and I’m new to the forums. I recently bought a fightstick for my ps3, the SFIV SE fightstick, off Craigslist (yeah i know probably not the best idea) and to simply put it. it doesn’t work, i’ve tried both USB ports and none of the buttons work. Home, Turbo’ing the buttons, start, select, Joystick, X through R2/L2…nothing. I have my first SE and it works just fine(except a button not registering half the imputs lol) and it also works on both USB ports and i can Turbo buttons just fine. I’ve tried searching and all i can find is fightsticks not working for the PC or hardware malfunctions like the Crap buttons just going bad or the Joystick even. :confused:

Anybody have any ideas or suggestions to my problem?? Thanks in advance :]

Try to connect the SE to your PC. If it doesn’t register, then you may have been jerked. Do both sticks weigh the same? You’ll need to find the driver for the fightstick here.

If you’re comfortable, open the panel of the fightstick. See if the PCB are in tact and if the cables are connected.

when I brought it home and I saw it wasn’t working I poped open the back pannel and saw all the wires going to the buttons, the joystick plugged in and the green board where the Home and Turbo set up is, I don’t have it on me to check with my PC, I let a friend check it out since he builds arcade cabinets to see if he could find anything but I figured i’d ask on the forums as well. you think the fightstick might be fried?? and i need to get a new power source?? Thanks for your reply :]

You may need a new PCB, but have your friend check it out first.

If it is fried(any you can’t get a new one from MadCatz), an MC Cthulhu would be a good option at this point as it would actually add features to your stick(but you do lose turbo, however worthless it may be, but in exchange it would work on almost anything).

ok so if i get this new PCB, the Cthulhu, would it go in the current spot of the PCB on the SE and i put it in on google and it says multi use like PC and all PSX platforms. So if i go Competetive with it i’ll be able to plug it into both ps3 and 360 right?

sorry if questions seem redundant im a NOOB to fight sticks, i always used controllers or just played at the Arcades.

You do not put where the currect PCB is, no.
It does not fit there.

Cthulhu does not do Xbox 360.
You have to Dual Mod.

ok thanks for the correction, im sure there are threads in Tech Talk to install the Cthulhu and how to do the Dual mod right?

Yes, everything to know is in the Sticky.

Well from what it looks like my PCB is fried so i’ve decided to use the base and mod the living hell out of this SE, i did some searching in the Dual Mod 101 sticky and before i go searchin i would like to hear some opinions on the Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB. I like the sound of it the ease of ordering it, some pcb mounts and of course the Harnesses for the joystick and Buttons. Any body have any experience with it??

Quite a few of the modders here use them and they have all had a very positive experience.

Glad to hear that, and from the looks of it on the Ettoki website, it looks very straight forward on where to connect the harness from PCB to buttons and joystick. :]]