SE fightstick sticky buttons - what can I do?

Can I fix them without buying new parts? Can I leak some WD-40 into them (that sounds like a stupid idea)? Is there something that I can do if I open it up? Like…jiggle something in place, reconnect the buttons, anything?

I mainly want to know if theres anything I can do for a quick fix or if the buttons could be ruined. Thanks in advanced for any help!

I don’t think there is a quick fix for low quality buttons. There probably just starting to break down from the use. I think your best option would be to switch out the buttons with some high quality buttons like some sanwa OSBF 30mm. Those will last awhile, that’s if you want to upgrade. There’s alot of threads dedicated to that kind of stuff in this forum if you think you might want to go that route.

Right. Well, looks like I’ll upgrade sooner than later then. Wanted to see if there was anything I could do in the meantime. Thanks.

WD40 is your friend!!! Shoot a little bit into the groove (wipe away the excess) to see if it improves or not, if it does not improve, then you have no choice but to replace them (probably bad spring or lazy microswitch).

I feel your pain man, mine just started sticking today. Can’t wait for my replacements from Lizardlick

Got some PS-14-KN’s coming in.

My SE buttons only stick if I tap them in the corners, they get stuck on the sides. Tapping in the middle though causes no issues, but any uneven distribution of weight makes it snag till I tap it again.

Very annoying.

Yeah I got the same issue with HK was thinking of taking them out and shuffling the buttons around till the bum one is out of the way. Don’t want to break them though.

Also don’t know if it’s worth at as I’ve already replaced the joystick with a Sanwa and have a TE stick on the way.

Graphite powder. Don’t use WD40 on plastic.

Deleted for causing further confusion. Use Graphite powder if you have them.

Yeah, exact same thing happening here. Thankfully, it’s only affecting my HP and HK buttons, but as of now, the HK one is really messed up. It definately throws me off my game.

So graphite powder? Awesome, and thanks for all the help guys.