SE Fightstick Stripped Screw


Hey, I was trying to take off the mounting plate from the madcatz fightstick’s stock stick, and i stripped the last screw :annoy: Anyone here know a good, free way to remove this screw?


This happened to me when I was trying to remove the mounting plate as well. I think they used some kind of adhesive to the screw so it’s not your fault. I did this to TWO fightsticks btw.

What I did was brought it to a friend who had a drill press, and he basically drilled it out. I was told you could also use a dremel. But yeah, it’s really annoying…


hmm so my only option is to use some power tools? maaaan, i don’t own any…


Whatever you do, don’t try and force/bend it off. If anything take a trip down to home depot and ask them if they can assist you with taking the screw off…


You could always pick up a set of screw extractors, much more reliable than using a drill IMO.


I used a hammer, put the back side in between the plastic and the screw, then started banging all over the floor. It eventually smashed open but it left the mounting plate a little bent, still works though.

Yeah save yourself the time and effort and go find some power tools. You may not be so lucky to have your mounting plate come out fine when forcing the thing out.


thanks for all the advice, if nothing works today, ill definitely go to home depot tomorrow for those screw extractors or some help. i was thinking though, can I just twist the plastic part itself since theres only one screw left? or is there something that would block it? the reason i ask is because i need to know the direction to twist… i dont want to tighten it more than it is already.


Try using a screwdriver with a bigger head and when you put it back together make sure you get new higher quality screws. I used stainless steel screws and they are much more durable.


Always remember “Lefty loosey, Righty tighty”. Thats how you know if you’re tightening or not.


Don’t you hate it when a screw gets too clingy?


lol,thought of it too, tried it, doesn’t work that way. It’ll spin around the mounting plate all you want, but it’s not going anywhere, it’s still going to be stuck to the plastic.


well i tried that, and now the screw now has a completely circular hole on its head lol. what screws should i ask for at home depot?


I’d just take it in and ask them to recommend a screw extractor to use on it. Usually the people are happy enough to help. Make sure to go in during a peak time to have a better chance that their “expert” is on hand.

Nothing worse than having to ask a couple of paint guys for help with tools. :wink:


i bet you guys all used the wrong size philips head for the screws.
I have had no problem removing these screws in 8 of these sticks.


I’ve had good luck tightening the screw a little to break the adhesive and then removing. I did manage to strip one out before doing that though and ended up using a square screw driver head from my set with like 40 different heads.


screws and nuts to replace the one on the mounting plate

screws: m3, 10 mm long, 0.5 pitch
nuts: m3, 0.5 pitch


wait these are for the ones actually on the plate and not the ones that secure the plate right? because the ones on the plate dont have nuts…


Also did this due to lack of power tools. Make sure to apply lots of constant direct pressure into the screw to prevent slippage/stripping. If you feel it start to slip, stop and try the other direction. Eventually, rotating back and forth loosens the glue enough to extract the screw.


Lol, I encountered a different problem than you guys.

I was down to the last screw also muscling as hard as I could, almost stripped bare, when suddenly, it became loose. Thinking I have just gotten rid of that glue stuff I went on with screwing the mounting plate on my Sanwa. First screw in and my friend points out to me “Hey, that screw looks shorter than the others.” I take a look at it, and back in the stock SE stick, and lo and behold, I was loosened cause I actually snapped half of the screw off. LOL.


If you have a Dremel, I posted a solution a while back:

A thread like this popped up on the forum a couple of days ago, but two of the guys in there got into an argument - I don’t even think they noticed my attempt to help.