SE fightstick template request

I’ve asked a lot for people to do a se template for me with my GT and nobody has helped yet so i’m just hoping. (probably wasting time) . I am trying to do a black and red button scheme. Here are a couple of ideas i’ve been thinkin about.

Maybe could switch the samurai around so that he’s not where the button layout is at.

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This would look nice with the black and red buttons and perhaps a black bubble top.

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Where it says berserk, you could put my GT.

This is a solid pic as well. black and white buttons would look nice for this one.


Full size -

wooooot! that’s sexy

No joke savaii, I actually just returned the SE edition i bought from amazon due to the price drop so it will have to be a TE if that’s cool with you, but that looks so beastly, could you pm me the pdf por favor, again i am in your debt.

Still, pretty awesome lookin stick ^^. GJ

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Basically tried to recreate it to TE size so I didn’t have to stretch the old template. I think clear buttons would go great with it. IMO.
PDF link coming soon…CLICK ME

yohohohohohohoo–bleach reference. thanks man its like amazing. never cease to amaze me.