SE Fightstick USB Cable Problem


No camera on me at the moment, but I’ll try to explain.

On the SE stick, the end that’s coming from the actual stick, right after the threaded part, that’s where the cable got cut on accident. The stick worked fine though, but after a few weeks I’ve noticed it get bigger.

So one day I decided I gotta get some electric tape around it or something. But then before I could SSF4 paused on me. You know, the kind of pause where a controller gets disconnected. Yeah. The PS3 doesn’t register my stick anymore.

So I was wondering, I’m not a tech pro, but can’t you solder wires together? It’s at the end of the cable. (Not the USB Male side) So it’d be kind of hard to solder that. Maybe. I have no soldering experience.

Anyway. I’m sure you can solder wires together, so is there like a place that solders crap for you?

Would seem convenient. But I’ve never really heard of one, or asked around.

So any help would be appreciated.

PS: At first the cable was cut, then upon further inspection weeks after, the red wire is cut as well. Fully. So yeah.