SE Fightstick USB problems

Ok. I just got back from Fry’s who sold me one of their last fight sticks. I immediately rush home and plug it into my PS3 and nothing happens. I’m not sure what is going on but I need help as I feel like I just bought a $70 paperweight. When I plug it into the PS3, no lights flash, holding the home button does nothing and yeah, basically nothing. I even tried plugging it into my computer yet nothing happens. No recognizing, no sound no nothing. So I restart the PC with the controller plugged in, thinking it was just Vista being stupid but when I restart it tells me, that the USB current is overloaded. Wtf is going on?

USB current? As in electricity? That cannot be good. Either your port is messed up (unlikely) or that stick isn’t wired correctly.

Sounds like it is broken. Better luck next time.

Sometimes stuff just comes broken and it sucks. Luckily these will be everywhere soon

PCB is messed up.

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