SE Fightstick Woes

So I got my SE Fightstick (360) the other day, finally came in at my local GameStop.

Aesthetically, it’s presented pretty nice. Big box with giant foam inserts to keep it from getting damaged, the surface of the stick is nice, the buttons feel pretty smooth for sanwa knockoffs, the stick…well. Yeah it’s meh I suppose, but it looks nice anyway. The buttons had some hairline scratches on the surface, but I didn’t really case since I’d be swapping these out with authentic parts later down the line.

Problem A: I decided to void my warranty immediately just to see what it looked like on the inside, and to check out the quick disconnects, maybe pop out a couple buttons and switch the location of the black ones to MP+MK. First off, when you pop out the buttons with the aid of a screw driver, the snappy tabs don’t seem to return to their original state. I had to use a butter knife to physically pull them back out, otherwise the buttons wouldn’t snap in ever again. I was seriously afraid that they’d break off, but thankfully I got all the tabs back out. I’d say that if you got or are getting the SE stick, don’t pop the buttons out until you’re replacing them – these parts are pretty shoddy.

Problem B: I also wanted to shift the actual button function over to the right one row, so ABXY would be in the center 4, and left bumper/trigger would actually be on the left. when pulling out the connector for my medium punch, the entire microswitch for that button broke in half. the ball-bearing and spring shot out, and I cemented it back together, but now the button is obviously sticky because well…that’s rubber cement after all. So I just left the pins unplugged on that button, and moved it over to the far left since I don’t use those two anyway. Another reason to totally not take those buttons out.

Problem C: The stick. It’s been said before, but the spring tension is overly loose, and the stick itself is very stiff. The problem with that is that sometimes my stick will get stuck slightly in down-right position, or up – so Ken in HD Remix will just jump forever. I made a video of this and will be posting it online eventually. Even with all these problems though, I’m still happy I have what I have over a 360 controller. Guess it’ll have to do until I get my parts shipped.

As a side note, I also can’t seem to get it to work with mame, although Windows seems to recognize it as a controller. But I’m sure I’ll get it working if I just look around for stuff.

There is a thread talking about this no less than 2 spaces away from yours. It talks about your problems as well as the issue with your stick getting stuck.

Try posting in there. These forums aren’t the fastest. Everyone making a new thread on these issues is just going to create a redundant mess of the exact same replies in multiple threads. Sorry to hear about your joystick woes.

Whatever you do, don’t keep playing on the stick itself till you do the fix in that thread. It’s possibly eating away at parts inside your joystick.