SE fightsticks safe of all the previous issues that plagued them yet?

Sorry if this doesn’t warrant a new thread, but the dedicated thread appears to be for those looking for deals/where to buy these sticks.

I’m about to buy my first Fightstick as I’ve finally had the time and money for one.

However, I am not an arcade player so I might not appreciate the apparent ‘quality’ of the TE. It is for that reason I am considering the SE.

I would like to know if I can buy one today and not be worried of issues that have been prevalent in the first batch.

It’s either a TE or an SE, as I have a gift card to a store that sells only those two so yeah … SRK, what should a Fightstick virgin do?

P.S. If you are an SE owner that bought one recently and have had problems with it, can you please let me know in this thread. Thanks I appreciate it.

All Madcatz SE buttons are crap and should be replaced with sanwa or seimitsu. When they work they are fine, but one day you will find that a button or two will stop working. If the buttons are not Sanwa, or Seimitsu chances are that a few will go bad within six months. Same with Hori EX 2 or Fightstick 3 buttons.

If you are looking for a the cheapest quality option, best bet is to get a SE and order 6 Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. If the joystick goes bad then you can spend about $35 total for a Sanwa JLF stick.

I second that on the buttons, my SE is fairly new and already one of the buttons on it is flaked out, it’ll register 2-3 times for each press. Swapping to new ones is cake though, just pop in some Sanwas or Seimitsus. Real simple upgrade, only takes a few mins to do.

QFT. I think the SE joystick is underrated. Granted, it probably won’t last you too long, but its not too bad for a budget stick. I bought one for my brother at the end of May, and it seems that the washer issue is not a problem anymore.

The buttons though, are absolute garbage, especially if you have played on Sanwa buttons. Even if you haven’t used Sanwa buttons before, be prepared to swap them very soon, as they will stop working with hard use. A friend of mine played SF4 quite a bit when it first came out and some of his buttons did not last 3 months.

Bottom line, keep the joystick stock to same some money, but definitely swap out at least 6 of the buttons. Stock buttons are not an option IMO.

If you have a chance to play ONE game with sanwa buttons you will really notice how bad the SE buttons are, I don’t care for the joystick either, seems alot stiffer then I have used at the arcade as well.

if one wants to swap out the buttons then what would you guys think is the best buy for the SE fightstick?
sanwa or seimitsu and wich buttons exactly, ive been looking around the sites listed in the supplier sticky and all i can say is there is so much choice i havent even the slightest idea of what to pick :open_mouth:

im totally new at all this :stuck_out_tongue: its the first fightstick ive owned (for a whole 2 days now!) and i must say i am abit dissapointed with the quality of the buttons , as you all have mentioned they feel kinda crap, and i would like to swap them out asap, but i really have no clue what im doing here! (in respect to what to buy that is… ive seen the how to mod your SE topic already :D)

you will need to swap out the buttons and stick because the SE stock ones are grabage and at that point your almost at the cost of a TE anyways

Yep. The button for my hk already broke, had to swap out one of the black ones and replace it lol. Too much headstomps :frowning:

If you have the money, definitely get the TE. I have one of each. I use the SE to take places and the TE I only use at home (because it is so nice I don’t want to risk anything happening to it)

Personally, I like the size of the TE case much better than the SE. I did replace all the SE parts with Sanwa, and I actually do enjoy playing on it… just not as much as the TE.

i can’t say i’ve had problems i did get my later than people here so seemed like the parts issue was gone.

SE stocks okay…but its real potential is the swapping of the parts

I haven’t had a problem with mine untill last week. the stock buttons aren’t as responsive as before. I’m gonna try to get some sanwa buttons to replace them. the washer problem form what I HEAR has been fixed btw.

a cheaper option for replacing the joystick is just to buy the sanwa PCB its like 12 bux, and an optional octo gate if you want. Just make sure you superglue the washer down on the stock stick.

The stock gate and C clip will be a pain take off (especially the c clip) though

So in a nutshell, if I get the SE I should consider replacing the stick and buttons. I might just consider the TE instead.

Those are hassle free correct? I don’t mind modding anything, it’s just if I pay for something, I want it to work out of the box … The TE has solid stock parts right?

Oh and while I have really big hands, another reason I was considering the SE was it’s small size. I have heard that the TE is too heavy to place on one’s lap and it’s usually placed on a desk or something … I really want a stick I can place in my lap, it’s probably more important than the parts to me as those can be remedied with mods … So is the TE comfortable to use in one’s lap?

Just get the TE. Seriously. It is as perfect a piece of equipment as you can walk into a shop and buy.

hell yea it is, it’s the se that’s uncomfortable on your lap. Since when a stick is on your lap, it is overall close to your body, you have to bend your arms. with the se, since the stick is smaller, makes your arms bend a bit more awkwardly in my experience.

Alright, decision made, TE it is. Thanks guys! You’re the best.

only problem i’ve noticed with my SE is sometimes the trigger buttons will stop working and you have to unplug the stick for them to work again.

i just switch the RT button to the LB, so if they die in a game, it doesnt bother me.

Imo the te is comfy on your lap or on a table. I don’t play with the stick in my lap because its not my style. Its not as heavy as a mas stick or arcade in a box stick. Its just the right weight imo. Matter of fact I don’t know what type of joystick is too heavy. It may be to wide or high to sit in your lap, but no stick in the history of sticks have been too heavy for me. What kind of man are you? If you have big hands you should want a bigger stick. Just get the te stick if you can or an arcade in a box! Those are the 2 best sticks on the market.

The TE is definitely more comfortable in your lap. I appreciate having all the extra space to rest my hands. The SE is ok, but definitely is not as comfortable as the TE. Whenever I play with it I fell as if I am constantly afraid of moving it around on my lap just because of it’s small size.

The other thing is that the TE comes with the parts that you would be replacing the SE stock parts with. Buying an SE plus parts plus wait time would add up to roughly the same price as a new TE. (this goes on the well known theory that time = money)

SE stick: 80$
JLF stick: 25$
6 Buttons: 18$ OR 8 buttons: 24$
Subtotal: 123$ + Shipping

TE stick: 150$

I would say that the time not spent waiting for parts plus the more comfortable/ larger case of the TE is definitely worth the extra 30 bucks.

So I definitely support your choice of TE.

Thanks guys, one more question though. Not about the TE but sticks in general.

Do people actually play motion characters on Square gates? I mean, the main reason I want a Square gate is because I play Chun more than any other character. However, I sometimes dick around with Ryu and Sakura.

Precision with Chun is my priority so I’m guessing a Square gate is what I want, but how easy is it to play motion characters (Shotos, Abel e.t.c) on a square gate?