SE guts into a TE shell

I am thinking about putting my SE guts into a TE shell but had a question about the start and select buttons. Does anyone know how to get them to fit into the TE and use 24mm pushbuttons?

First of all… Where did you get a TE Shell??

And second of all; as long as your buttons are 24mm in size, they should fit into the start and back button of the TE Stick.

Cut the Connectors from the Grey and white wires that connect to the start/select PCB, strip them and put some Quick Disconnects on those suckas.

Dont have a shell yet…
Trying to find one or maybe get a custom case. thanks illmatix!

Dont both the se and te have almost the same pcb?

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They do.


I thought the SE pcb was a bit smaller than the TE, or are they the exact same?

They are the same.

well, i think now i am going to jump on ebay and try to get some cheap SE’s for the PCB’s lol. Do you know if they use the same headphone/turbo panel if any?

-headphones not so sure, most likely yes

-turbo yes

So in theory, a TE pcb with a Kitty would work in a custom stick to achieve dual mod or RJ-45?

OP, please avoid the Brawl stick for this kind of mod. Actual SF4 SE sticks should work better. The tubro panel is a different height on the brawl sticks.