SE Madcatz stick to Hori Real Arcade Pro 3?


Hey guys, I was thinking of selling my partially modded SE stick to a friend for very cheap to get a Real Arcade Pro 3. Any reasons why I should do this? I have a Sanwa stick in my current stick but stock buttons, will there be a real difference if I move up?


By get, you mean buy a new HRAP3?

HRAP3 has a Sanwa stick, but Hori buttons on QD. You could swap them for Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons, but you could spare a lot of money just doing that instead on the SE.

If you don’t like the small size, the light weight, and/or the button layout of the SE, I guess HRAP3 is good. However, for a similar price there’s the TE.


Only real difference IIRC is the weight of the stick at this point. Only HRAP3-SA’s ship with all Sanwa parts.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Oh okay, thought so from what I remember.
Play-Asia has the Tekken 6 HRAP3 for $60, slap a coupon onto that is makes it $52.

The only thing that bothers me about my SE Fight Stick is the angle for the wrists and the plastic housing with a metal plate on the bottom…I don’t abuse mt stuff but just wondering. If they had the TE stick for that price, I would buy it right away!


The Hori buttons are by far much superior to the MadCatz ones