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Hey Guys,

My next Project is a Wireless 360 Mod for an Empty MC SE Case. I want to fill the Turbo Panel Hole, close the last 2 holes for the Buttons, and reniew the hole Case.

at first some Question for the SRK Community.

How it ll be possible to fill the Turbo Panel Hole, some ideas?

Some Tips to choose a colour , which Cans do i need?

Update - 24.09.2009

not Wireless - Mad Catz Arcade Stick PCB

Case Pictures:


Noone who can help me out with the Painting and glueing`? ^^



As I’ve done a million of these mods, I can tell you what you basically need to know:

That’s the holy grail of SE painting. You only need one color, pick whatever color you like, spray, watch it finish and then let it sit around for a day.

To cover up your turbo hole, put your art over it. Be it printed vinyl adhesived down, laminate adhesive, lamilabel (suggest avoiding, notoriously shitty) or something high calibre like mamemarquees level stuff.

Completely disassemble your case, including removing the top plate and old art.

Wash your case off with soap and water, hit it with a tiny bit of acetone (like nail polish remover) if you’re especially anal like I am.

Then let it fully dry, and take your spray can and do light coats until the entire thing is covered. lightly wetsand with 600 grit after it dries, then spray again until you get a nice smooth texture.

put the metal plate back on and put your art down, covering up the hole in the plate where the panel is.



Thx for the help, but i am european and the clor spray isnt aviable here in Germany, any sugestions!?


Here we go, first Pictures of my mod - go to the first post!


On mine I filled the hole with epoxy. I placed a piece of automotive duct tape on the back side of the metal and the placed epoxy in the hole. Once it dried i sanding it flat with a sanding block and removed the duct tape from the back. I used JB Weld brand epoxy on mine but any should work.

you can see some photos here


Thank You thebluedino, just take a look at my work!

You did a nice Job too! is it finished?


It is finished and thanks, this is how mine looked completed


I like the mesh Balls :slight_smile: but u better choose another colour for it! Why u didnt sprayed your case? Its hard but unique after that!

3 Days of lacking with 1000,2000 and 3000 er Sanding :slight_smile:


tomorow i ll show it of with all parts and Artwork.

…aaaaaand tomorow there will be a new Stick for meeeee!

just a hint for u Guys
Big Black ONE