SE question as well


I picked up an SE when it was only 14 bucks at and plan to mod it after the stock parts run out.

So first thing I did was removing the washer so the joystick pcb won’t be damaged and put it back together.

Then i start to use it to test out since i never used an SE before. I found the left upper corner doesn’t register well. I have to jump then move to the corner to make the character jump left. if i hit the lefter upper corner directly the character will stay on the ground. I kind remember i might read about this problem here but I didn’t find what i want after I searched the forum.

So is there a fix on this or pretty much i have to just swap out the joystick? I try to rotate the stick a bit to give the lefter upper corner slightly more travel distance, but no luck. was going to grind the sqaure gate to a bigger round one i i have the tool.

Sorry if there is already a thread about this.


Replace with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT.

Shaft cover + suitable dust washers are optional (SK models).


guess it is the micro switch? well, i was going to wait a bit and guess i have to replace now. thanks


The stock joystick is just pretty bad quality, is all. But luckily upgrading it is as simple as it gets.


I used the SE to learn how to play tekken at home but played most of my games at a friend’s place on his TE. As I got better I could definitely start to see diagonal inputs being missed and this was confirmed by the input history. The thing just couldnt hit diagonals consistently even when mashed into the corner of the gate. At that point i replaced the stick with with a JLF and all those problems went away.


its a big diffrence when you replace the stock parts with a jlf and sanwa. the stock parts tend to go out pretty quickly. Madcatz did a valiant attempt at imitation parts but you get what you pay for when its $50 and below =[.


I didn’t have high hope and know the parts will die quickly. But hope i can mash it for a month before I replace the stock parts. lol


you can do a mod to the microswitches to make them a bit more responsive:

Since posting that i’ve found that supergluing a square of construction paper to the underside of the red button works better than folded up post-it notes (they fall out of place and into the switch, it can potentially jam it up)

The buttons…well you can sand the inside of the housing because the fit is too tight, the plunger rubbing against the rim (combined with uneven depression around the edges) makes the stock buttons feel mushy and unresponsive.

Those changes can make you cope until you are ready to put higher quality parts in. Personally performance isn’t the issue with SE parts, its the long-term reliability.


Thanks for the info. I just put small patches cropped from my business card to where you pointed out and it fixed it. the stick feels much better. :). I am going to wait till the stick go out first.