SE Questions

Im finally going to buy a stick and its going to be an SE or some other cheaper stick, so i was wondering, is there any better stick than the SE in the price range?

Also, as far as SE vs TE goes, is the only difference the button and size, how long do the buttons last in the SE or should i replace them right away?

Thanks ahead of time

The buttons on the SE don’t last at all. Fortunately, replacement Sanwa / Seimitsu buttons are only about $3 each.
The joystick is different too (replace with a Sanwa JLF for about $23). The stock one will last better than the stock buttons, but it pales in comparison to authentic hardware.

Replacing all 8 buttons, plus the joystick comes to ~$55 with shipping, meaning the TE is about the same total cost.

Also, the TE has that super handy cable compartment.

Not trying to plug a sale, but there is a full-Sanwa modded one for sale in the trading outlet for $65 shipped. Really can’t beat that:
Also, alot of good info can be found here:
Hope this helps and good luck!

the joystick in the se is quite good. watch my video on how to make it last. its not as good as a jlf but for a low cost joystick, it holds it’s own. the buttons tho i dont really know how to make them last longer, and they feel like garbage too. you could try some paper?