SE Screws


I got a Free unmodded SE from a friend and the screws on the bottom were stripped, I managed to get them out but does anyone know where i can get screws to replace those old ones


hardware store


^ just take them to the hardware store


Thanks captain obvious but, Telling me that doesn’t tell me the size and what i should get.


I seriously never saw an answer for specific screw size when someone asks for SE and TE.
Through all of my Thread reading, it is always to tell the Thread Starter to go compare at hardware store.

You are not the only person who asked this same question.
And the answers you got are the same answers given in the past.

The past people who wanted to know screw size never come back to report what they got either.
Don’t know why. :sad:


Ill go to home depot and post ill write it down for you guys once i get it, Or if i find one that fits in my big bucket of screws/bolts/nails


Yes, it will be cool if you do get the screw size and post in here.
It would help for others who search in the future.

That would be better than the guys before you.
And I can add your information to my SRK Notes and Archive to help others.

I don’t have any Mad Catz FightSticks.
Otherwise I would know.


You would think markman would tell us :stuck_out_tongue:


The guys in the hardware departments at lowes and home depot will usually be able to look at a screw and instantly tell you exactly what kind it is so i’d definitely go there and bring one with you.

Of course it’s retail and your store might have a bunch of dummys working there.


Yea for now, I took some painters tape and use it to hold the back closed :tup:

Cause its 1:21AM Here


TE is m4 x 12.


Well that solves that one do you know the SE


Yup, that’s right.

But what is the bottom?