SE SF IV Fightstick: Legit whinge thread. Help appreciated

Everyone else is making threads to have a whinge so I’d thought I’d join in the fun and not get lost in the maddness.

SE stick owners with issues join in the bitching if you like. :wgrin:

Also if you have any suggestions to fix these issues make yourself heard.

My issue:


Got my SE stick works pretty good apart from one thing:

I can go from: :d: to :df: no problem

But not :r: to :df: !!!

I can get the Down forward every now and then but most of the time I’m walking when I should be blocking (way to get sweeped).

So opened it up and had a look (I live in New Zealand, not paying for freight to MadCatz). The DOWN microswitch doesn’t get pressed down all the way to the click when it’s in the corner. Ass.

This sucks. It seems my stick is slightly misaligned. Is there any easy fix for this?

(also thought all these sticks were easy to mod. The stick seems to have pcb with microswitches stuck to it)

Take the stick apart and examine it piece by piece for any asymmetry, or maybe the universal mounting plate isnt’ lined up with the case’s hole. The latter would be the worst situation because the mounting plate is welded on. The joystick is replaceable on a part by part basis.

Good luck.

Man, so many reports of crappyness. w2g MadCatz.

I’ve taken the stick apart as far as I can go and it seems that stick isn’t perfectly centered or the UP microswitch is too high.

I was hoping to simply open up the stick and move the microswitch down but it seem that the base,pcb,microswitch are screwed down HARD. I didn’t want to strip the screws so didn’t try and force it.

I noticed though that it will hit the microswitch if you don’t push it all the way to the corner. So I did a ghetto edit by putting tape to build up the side so it doesn’t fall into the corner.

I’ll update with a photo so you know what I mean:

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m no expert, but if you can replicate the problem with the stick assembled but removed from the case you’re in good shape.

If a microswitch is just misaligned on the pcb you can replace the whole pcb for less than $10 I’d think.

Have you tried a fat handled screwdriver? That ought to make unscrewing easier as long as you get the tip seated firmly in the head of the screw.

This is the greatest stick ever created my man. If your stick doesn’t work, god hates you.

Nah, that spot is reserved for me. shipped mine to the wrong state and they won’t replace it.

My friend actually got 2 sticks for the price of one. He probably got yours.:rofl:

Man that sucks I feel lucky now. Some lucky bastard probably has the stick and doesn’t know a thing about street fighter. Boo sucks to Gamespot for screwing you over. Is there no justice?!!!

My put a bit more tape on the inside of the stick and it seems to be working at the moment. Might need to reopen every now and then to reapply the tape as it wears down, but no biggie.

Oh and don’t get me wrong the stick is pretty damn sweet, best controller I ever bought out of the box, the thread title is supposed to be tongue and cheek.

You just had put salt in my wounds didn’t you?:wink:

Sweet, you found a solution. Of course you would’ve preferred a perfect stick, but look on the bright side, it’s now officially custom.

I can say from experience that you don’t really want tape in the stick, moving parts make it pretty untenable in the long term. Is it possible to take the restrictor off and rotate it? That might fix things, or you could file out a bit of that corner of the restrictor (so that the microswitch is depressed more).

I suppose the better alternative would be to buy a Sanwa stick though…


edit: Just realised those sticks don’t have the microswitches-on-pcb version, so it wouldn’t be a straight swap out job, unfortunately.

I had issues with going forward and then down+forward too, till I realized I’m just not used to square gates.

Hope that isn’t the OP’s issue too lol…

Can’t take the restrictor off without stripping the screws sadly. They are bolted in really tight and things started looking dodgy as soon as I tryed.

I would buy a Sanwa stick but with shipping it’s $60. I’ve already spent $200 on this stick and I’ve also been offered a TE Stick half price from the MadCatz distributor when they land in late April. So it might be best to wait.

I might file it down as suggested and then and sell it on trade me when the TE stick arrives (If it’s still coming even :rolleyes: )

No that’s definitely not it. But a good point. I’ve had to relearn Super cancels with Urien in 3rd strike when Facing left though since I hold the stick different than the stiff OZ sticks we get here.

It’s a shame that is happening to you.

At the moment, I’m very happy with this stick. Even though I know the SE is for a lower price range I am surprised by how responsive the buttons are. Feather light touches will set them off. I might even keep the buttons and only replace them with Seimitsu when they fail.

The stick does have a lot of throw. Give you room for error with DP-based classes, but it’s a dream for charge characters at the moment. I think I might replace the stick with a Seimitsu though, since the short throw on that stick I’m used to with arcade shooters. That’s going to up my precision a lot.

All in all, I know this is a “whine” thread. But there is a lot of good stuff to say about the stick and I think I might be breaking a rule if I actually make a thread praising the regular ol’ SE. :slight_smile: Too many people are tossing it aside as a p0s just because it’s at a lower price range.

This is no Hori EX2, this is a very well put together device. I think Seth Killian was very wrong when he said it wasn’t made of magic.

Hope your stick issues get resolved soon. Good luck. :slight_smile:

the only problem i have with mine is that the stick returns to neutral slowly sometimes as if it were jammed, maybe i have to break mine in more i only used it for 20 mins so far

i have problems trying to jump diagonally with the stick. also any moves that can be done in the air aswell are giving me troubles. Though i think this is all me just being crap at stick play. (been playing on a pad, till i got my FS)